Monday, February 11, 2008

Super-duper pile o'Fedders

Holy moly, what have we here? For those Queensites who desperately want Elmhurst ambiance at Manhattan prices, this might be a good move for you. But, alas, no space is available right now. Damn...banjo countertops and oversized medicine cabinets? No wonder they're sold out. Check out the "crap above" 2 doors down, too. They could have at least made the color of the addition match the rest of the building.


Anonymous said...

It looks like somebody squeezed in
a sliver of a New York Housing Authority
low income project.

This is supposed to be luxury ?

Only a dumb "yupster" with expendable income for some coke (and I don't mean the soft drink)
would be stoned enough to buy into this pipe dream!

Anonymous said...

Brilliant comment.

Come on, there is an abundance of crap on the upper east side. Thats why its the lowest priced section of Manhattan.

Queens Crapper said...

This isn't the upper east side. It's Murray Hill.

Anonymous said...

Actually, the lowest priced section in Manhattan is probably Inwood.