Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Mets apple to be preserved

The huge fiberglass apple that pops up when New York Mets players hit home runs will follow them to their new ballpark when it opens next year.

Home run apple will follow New York Mets to new ballpark

"The big home run apple is coming," the team's chief operating officer, Jeff Wilpon, said Tuesday during a media tour of Citi Field, the new stadium.

An apple is coming, at any rate. Mets officials said they did not know whether it would be the same fiberglass apple that has popped up like a Champagne cork following Mets homers since 1980.

But a well to house the apple was visible beyond center field at the new stadium, which Wilpon said is on schedule and on budget -- about $800 million.


Anonymous said...

The apple looks pretty sad, sort of like several worms chewing through it's inards. Time for a change, a new spiffy polished apple would be welcomed.

Anonymous said...

One question, Mr. Wilpopn. WHY?
Between that hideous and ridiculous mascot, Mr. Met, and this cheesy apple gimmick, we remaim mired as a second rate team in this city. I hate those damn Yankees, but couldn't we at least emulate their class and dignity?

Anonymous said...


The Met's apple gets preserved but the rest of the
Big Apple.....Queens' historic slice.....
seems to be slated for demolition.

The clubhouse doesn't give a damn about Queens
except when election time rolls around!

Thanks Crowley & Co.

dave in milwaukee said...

Anonymous says: "I hate those damn Yankees, but couldn't we at least emulate their class and dignity?"

You're right. The Yankees just "ooze" class. To emulate them, the Mets need to sign a true class act like Clemens, and fill the stands with the likes of the Bleacher Creatures. And then take one of the classiest and most successful managers in baseball history (12 years: 12 post-season appearances, 6 pennants, 4 world series championships, .605 overall win pct.) and dump him out the back door like yesterday's garbage.

Yep, that's Yankee pride and dignity for you. Gotta have it.

We Light Up Queens said...

i think they should store the current Apple and display it somewhere. Maybe in Citifield the way the diamond club is set up now. Citifield deserves a new apple, the same exact one. The apple is part of mets history and I think is important in preserving "Mets Culture" so to speak.

Anonymous said...

A rotten playing team deserves
a rotten looking apple!

Maybe City Fields can attract
a new better plying ball club!

Anonymous said...

I believe in baseball sentimentality and tradtion. And I've been a Met fan since '62. Nonetheless, I'll be happy to see the end of Shea Stadium. And the damn bush-league apple has been an embarrassment since they foisted it upon us. It is not a beloved icon. It's a reminder of how second-rate this franchise has usually been.

Dave in Milwaukee - somehow your sausage races and the beer slide thing - have style despite their tackiness.

But... don't...mess... with... Mr. Met. He stays.

Anonymous said...

Shea Stadium was named after the lawyer
who represented the destroyers of
the late great Penn Station
which in turn led to the passing of
the NYC Landmarks Law!

There will be no love lost to see Shea's name vanish from the history of the area!

I'd personally spit on Shea's home plate
if they'd let me onto the field!

Anonymous said...

Will the homerun apple also be renamed after Citibank or will it go to the highest bidder?

Anonymous said...

Isn't Citibank one of those
who's taking a sub prime kick in the ass?

They might be auctioning "the artifact"
at Sotheby's to pay for their president's
year end bonus !

dave in milwaukee said...

To anonymous ("Dave in Milwaukee - somehow your sausage races and the beer slide thing - have style despite their tackiness"):

LOL! Hey, when you've got a team like the Boo-hoo Crew, you need all the diversions you can get! (And don't forget the guy who comes out of the bullpen and rides a Harley around the warning track during the Brewers' many pitching changes!).

Like you, I'm a baseball purist... so I would've been happy if they'd just stayed with County Stadium. At least it had some personality and history, from when decent teams (e.g., the late '50s Braves and the early '80s Brewers) played there! :D