Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Pistilli wins award from Queens Chamber

The Queens Chamber of Commerce honors Pistilli's perspicacity and drive at its 95th annual Building Awards dinner this year. Pistilli Riverview East is one of seven buildings deemed winners in the Rehab category, sharing the honor with a single-family residence, a bank branch office, a senior adult center, a branch of the Queens Borough Public Library, an MTA subway maintenance shop and car washing facility and the Visitor and Administration Center at the Queens Botanical Garden.

Even though the folks at Astorians are saying the walls are made of styrofoam?

Pistilli Building Receives Chamber Honors

Ten other buildings will be cited as winners in the category assigned to buildings of new construction. Those buildings include the Cambria Heights branch of the Queens Library, a fast-food restaurant, a multi-family low-rise residence, an office building, a single-family residence, a residential treatment center, a multi-family high-rise building, a mixed-use building that holds residential and commercial space, a Marriott motel and the interior of a building in Bayside.

I wish they had sent out photos of the rest of the buildings so we could have a good laugh. QCC criterion for selection seems to be "the uglier the building, the more we like it."


Anonymous said...

The Pistilli building wins an award? This Piss A** building is a hunk of S**T, cannot attract single buyer - it's absolutely garbage and awarded immediate designation for condemnation.

Anonymous said...

The Queens Chamber usually picks
the ugliest buildings put up by one of "their own"
to win their "coveted" award.

What does this award actually look like ?

A gold plated chamber pot
filled with rhinestone encrusted
silver turds?

Anonymous said...

The Chamber, like most of the institutions in Queens, a once vaunted organization is now a pale joke.

Just like the neigbhorhoods, newspapers, and politicians.

O Queens, you deserve better! ... Far better.

Miss Heather said...

Too bad I didn't learn about this last week. There are some tenants of the Astral who would like to have a word with Pistilli regarding:

1. the current bedbug infestation
2. leaky plumbing, mold, cracked paint and (my personal favorite)
3. the superintendent who cannot be bothered to answer his cell phone (text message only, folks!), but sees fit to shoot soft-core porno pix on the premises.

I am not making any of this up.

Anonymous said...

If you are commenting on the superintendent? you are wrong because i know the superintendent and you might regret the bogus words because he was the first resident that moved into the pistilli location that won the award? and since he started working there the building has opened for people to move into their new homes, please if you are referring these comments for the Pistilli Riverview East, I will badmouth you because we love our superintendant he is helping us with everything.

Anonymous said...

The Queens Chamber is a dysfunctional organization unless you want to go to events filled with bankers. Owners of small businesses cannot be found at chamber events and the membership fee could wisely be spent elsewhere.