Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Big winner at Resorts World gets mugged

From the Daily News:

A cunning yet patient crook robbed an 88-year-old Queens man of his casino winnings after following him all the way from the betting house to his home — a journey that took 90 minutes and covered more than 10 miles.

Prosecutors say Gregory Hillman, 57, started trailing his mark right after he spotted the octogenarian counting $1,000 in prize money at the Resorts World Casino in South Ozone Park on Halloween night.

Video surveillance captured Hillman following the victim into and out of a casino bathroom, out of the betting parlor and onto a shuttle bus, authorities said.

Hillman trailed behind the victim as he boarded an E train at the Jamaica station and stepped off at the Roosevelt Ave./74th St. stop in Jackson Heights, authorities said. When the elderly man walked into a supermarket after leaving the subway station, Hillman was captured on surveillance video walking in and out right behind him.

Hillman remained behind the victim when he boarded a Q47 bus and rode it to East Elmhurst. It was only after the man got off the bus and neared his residence that Hillman finally pounced.


Anonymous said...

Typical savage. Too bad he didn't put that much effort into finding a job.

Anonymous said...

Still think it was a good idea to put a casino in such a crappy neighborhood?

Anonymous said...

dear anonymous,
the guy who tailed him was a punk. the neighborhood of the casino is not bad. it's just not posh.
think clearly and vent apprpriately.

Anonymous said...

"the neighborhood of the casino is not bad"

WHAT! It's one of the shittiest neighborhoods in Queens and NYC. Have you even BEEN there?

Thats one big reason it was selected for the casino, because it was a crappy neighborhood.

Queens Crapper said...

Actually, the site was chosen because there is a horse track there and room to build a casino.

Anonymous said...

Cameras everywhere!