Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Big project to prevent big problems

From the Epoch Times:

Residents of the flood-prone Laurelton section of Jamaica, in Southeastern Queens received good news today.

Another $18 million has been pledged by the city’s Department of Environmental Protection to upgrade area sewers, adding capacity to a system that has long been the cause of repeated flooding and property damage in the low-lying region.

A single pipe that carries both wastewater and storm water from homes and businesses currently serves the middle-class community, known for its streets lined with Tudor homes, co-ops, converted garden apartment complexes, and lack of high-rise buildings.

Its streets will soon be equipped with an added 142 catch basins that will allow rainwater to drain from roadways before it enters the basements of homes and businesses, and overflows into the ecologically sensitive Jamaica Bay.


Anonymous said...

Aren't they going to pave the road before starting this project?

Anonymous said...

why did these dummies buy in that area? oh wait they have no idea how to use the internet and google search.........

Anonymous said...

Wonder if the'll add those enlarged draining tree pits too. It would divert runoff from the storm drains. OTOH, the water table might be too high for this to work well.