Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Dirty grocery stores are everywhere

From WPIX:

From meat and produce, to cheese, eggs and milk, do how you know how clean your grocery store is?

An undercover investigation by PIX11 News revealed the city’s filthiest grocers, exploring all five boroughs and the markets that failed their state health inspections over the course of a year.

The state worked for months to give us those 5,000 pages of reports, which led us to your grocery aisles equipped with an undercover camera.

We found disgusting, unsafe and filthy conditions that easily could make your family sick.


Anonymous said...

They should visit Waldbaum's on Francis Lewis Blvd. and 35th Avenue.
The place is a toilet.

Anonymous said...

Why don't they get health grades like ratsorents?

Anonymous said...

Tara , from CP's deli dept., what have you done w my childhood store?Has the gender dysphoria gotten U that distracted?