Thursday, November 20, 2014

Bayside watermain project underway

From the Times Ledger:

Bayside is undergoing a major underground transformation and with it some headaches for its neighbors above ground.

A massive water main replacement project is underway in the northeast Queens neighborhood to install 7,000-foot trunk water mains with a 48-inch diameter, 13,000-feet distribution mains and 657 sewer pipes.

The $20 million project is being done by the Department of Environmental Protection, along with the Department of Design and Construction and the Department of Transportation, will last two years.

While construction occurs, dust, noise and heavy equipment will be an inevitable part of the landscape.

City workers began the project around the intersection between Luke Place and 216th Street, and it will travel north until it reaches the corner of 39th Avenue and 216th Street. Besides trunk and distribution water mains and sewer pipes installation, the project includes tree pruning and roadway reconstruction.

“The new water mains will improve pressure and the quality of water,” said a spokesman for DEP, “while also providing a critical redundancy to the distribution system that will help minimize disruptions during future maintenance work.”

According to the DEP, workers will also install 38 fire hydrants and 26 manholes.


Anonymous said...

If the city is going to upzone the area in the next two or three decades are they building the needed capacity into this upgrade?

Anonymous said...

Catering to illegals who build "two family houses" and stick 4 families in the house. Maybe the water pressure would be ok if dob did their job.