Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thanks for the memories

From the Queens Chronicle:

After more than 50 years of serving the Ozone Park area, Aldo Calore of Aldo’s Pizzeria & Restaurant has retired, according to local community leaders.

Calore started his pizza-making career at the age of 16, working for New Park Pizza in Howard Beach.

Six years later, he opened his own pizzeria at 76-15 101 Ave. in Ozone Park, before moving to 137-01 Cross Bay Blvd.

Ozone Park Civic Association President Howard Kamph said he has fond memories of the restaurant, located a short walk away from his house.

“My nights out was going to his restaurant,” Kamph said. “He gave me the biggest portion for the price.”

Kamph said Calore was engaged in the community, and reached out to anybody who needed help.

“Anybody who came to him, he donated to them,” he said.


Anonymous said...

Have a long,healthy retirement!

Anonymous said...

Calore sounds like a very warm fellow.

Anonymous said...

i'm surprised he worked at new park. NP is delicious, while aldo's is some of the worst pizza i have ever tasted.

georgetheatheist said...

I bought 2 slices at New Park 3 weeks ago. Not too impressed. I don't like a slice where the tomato sauce is an inch and a half away from the rim. Sloppy ladeling. My kind of slice has the tomato sauce no further away than 3/8's of an inch from the edge. Otherwise the slice is too doughy.

JQ said...

while unheralded,new park pizza in howard beach is arguably the best in the borough,probably new york,and aldos had delicious pizza and heros.sad to see it go.

there were a lot of great pizzerias in ozone park,howard beach and richmond hill(only tommy's remains there).unfortunately the malling of new york has reached here with the opening of papa john's nearby.

Anonymous said...

Graziella's at 33-29 Francis Lewis Blvd and Extra Cheese Pizzeria at 147-20 Northern Blvd, Flushing are two Pizza joints here in North Queens who make a great regular pie.