Friday, November 14, 2014

Women use kids to scam people

From the Daily News:

That panhandling mom with a child in her lap?

Oh, baby! It’s a scam, according to NBC New York. While panhandling is legal in New York, a month-long investigation followed nine women around the city and concluded that they were working and living together.

Social service workers said the women have repeatedly refused shelter and aid because they only want cash.

"This is a scam — a business," the non-profit The Doe Fund’s George McDonald told NBC New York.

McDonald said his organization has done its research on the women and witnessed them handing off the same children, exploiting them by “working in shifts.”

Homeless women are seen more and more bringing their children along to panhandle.

Research suggests that some of the women are 'working in shifts' and handing off the children to each other to use as props.

Children can’t be used to peddle, according to seldom-enforced state law. But it’s a statute that’s being flaunted as video shows these women collecting fast cash from sympathetic passersby.

But the investigation found the women were using Grand Central Terminal as a meeting point and living in the same East New York building.


Anonymous said...

This is why you can't give to panhandlers especially the ones that "no speak English".

JQQ said...

I have seen these women for almost 3 years,mostly on the A.

I had an inkling something stunk,but I gave some change because of the babies.

these women are repulsive,lousy wastes of life,I fret what's going to become of those poor kids.

if the cops took the proper action and called child services themselves,maybe they could have put a stop to this a while ago.

I like how one of them used the blame obama defense.and the other who was aware of twerking.looks like these broads somehow have dish tv.

Joe Moretti said...

What, this is news, I would think everyone knew that these women and their ugly babies/kids were scamming. They are straight out of Gypsy 101 school.

I guess New Yorkers are not that swift as I thought.

Anonymous said...

Gypsies from Romania, originally from South asia

Anonymous said...

In Europe, those Gypsies begging for money have been caught drugging their children. How do you think its possible for such little children to sit there so patiently and quietly for hours without crying and being obnoxious? There's a reason why every single child belonging to a gypsy woman was always either sleeping or drowsing off. Worst thing is that they used the same children, while the women changed shifts

Anonymous said...

Gypsies. They are called Gypsies, and they honed their craft in Europe for decades now.

Anonymous said...

I lived in Italy for a year, and the Gypsies over there are a huge problem. They all use kids, and they all are women (the men stay back at the camps... they don't do any of the work).

One scam they do is hand/throw you their baby (a doll or roll of blankets) and while you are distracted for those few seconds, they go into your pockets (or have a younger kid do so).

Once the kids are old enough, they are trained to attack people in packs; some beg while others go behind you and pick your pocket.

I was standing with a female friend outside of the train station, and a 3yr old boy came up and and begged her for money. When she refused and turned away, the 3 year old took his hand, rand it up her leg and grabbed her vagina. A 3 year old.

Gary W said...

They pulled this shit out in the suburbs in Suffolk Co. Man, woman and child sit out in the parking lot of Walmart, Home Depot etc. Haven't seen them in ages, I guess the residents out there don't stand for that crap.

Anonymous said...

Gypsies steal other people's children as well. Have you seen them begging along highways, pretending lameness and disfigurement?

Scott68 said...

Are people not aware of how the gypsies work?

I'm a life long resident of NY, 4th generation. From the guys that approach you to fix a dent on your car to the woman and child begging, they've been around since I remember.

It's not unheard of a family member breaking an arm or leg if an infant in order to beg with a deformed child and to collect some disability payments later.

Before SS #'s were issued directly from hospital records, a parent would have to go to a SS office to get the number and SS card.

Back then, the gypsy community would take various children from office to office in order to get multiple SS cards or numbers. Thank god that stopped, but most gypsies today maintain several SS numbers.

They still exist, they still run the same scams, they are organized and work diligently to remain on the fringe of society.

Anonymous said...

So although they be arrested and those kids put in foster care, DuhBlazio won't allow it?

Anonymous said...

I like when they come up to you and hand you a card. I look at it and tell them i can't read,hand it back and leave. By the look on their faces it seems they understand english quite well.

willie h said...

I told one in Grand Central "saw you on the news". She hasn't been there since---at least not in that spot.

Anonymous said...

What about the guy who goes with an accordion, a school age boy, a woman with a child? What is amazing is that they have not yet been arrested for child abuse.

Anonymous said...

This is an old scam, I saw it used in Mexico 40 years ago where it is common to see women with children and groups of children begging the tourists. I goes on all over the world where the people are impoverished.
Unless you really know the person that is begging there is a chance you are being lied to.The most I give to someone begging is small change or a dollar so I feel good about helping someone but not to bad if I'm being lied to.
Homeless advocates encourage people not to give money to people on the street because there's a good chance it's going to booze and drugs and keeping them from getting the assistance they really need.

Anonymous said...

Are people not aware of how the gypsies work?
Apparently they are aware. A good number of commenters before you seemed to demonstrate a pretty good working knowledge of gypsy technique.