Monday, November 24, 2014

Workers' wages being stolen

From the Daily News:

New York is a great city, but as Marco Lino can attest, a workers’ paradise it is not.

For four years, Lino, 53, worked 13 hours a day, six days a week stocking shelves at Rosemary’s Farm, a small grocery store in Flushing. His weekly salary was $350, that is, about $4.65 an hour. In October 2008 he was fired after protesting to his boss about his meager — and illegal — salary and filed a complaint at the Department of Labor. Six years have passed, and Lino is still waiting for justice.

“I am tired of waiting,” he said.

“(Wage theft) has become a crime wave here in New York State,” said Joann Lum, executive director of the National Mobilization Against SweatShops.

“Under Gov. Cuomo, the DOL is not enforcing labor laws. We need a DOL that does its job, not one that promotes wage-theft crimes. If the DOL will not do this, we will sue them.”

Currently, over $1 billion in wages are stolen from New York workers in low-wage industries each year.


Anonymous said...

He's probably legal - one can only image how the illegals are getting fucked over.

That's why everyone in business wants them to stay - slave labor!

Never mind how it screws up society with dangerous illegal conversions, excessive garbage, and horribly overcrowded schools with tons of non-English speaking kids holding everyone else back!

I feel sorry for the children that are the pawns in this game.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone think that there ismt a politician that isnt "down with this ?

Youd be voted out real fast, after one term, if you tried to go against the grain a d fix anything.

And you guys vote for these same people TIME AND TIME AGAIN.

Anonymous said...

When they are used to earning $5 a day, $4 an hour is a dream come true!!!

Anonymous said...

So Obama allowed him to stay and he's still protesting?! Get ready people, you're going to see more and more of this in the coming years as those migrant kids grow up and start acting like they're real citizens. Nevermind the fact that their parents broke the law, that they're receiving free schooling and healthcare at our expense, and that Obama was generous enough to let them stay because he knows we need the cheap labor. Talk about biting the hand that feeds you. These people are lucky no real Americans have decided to enforce the law. They're either too old or too liberal to care. Not that it would matter anyway since we'll probably be arrested for a "hate crime" rather than enforcing the laws Obama wont. It's obvious America isn't for Americans anymore, unless you're South American. Maybe it's time we go back to Europe. At least the EDL over there are allowed to protest.

Anonymous said...

Marco Lino might be an illegal alien and that is why he kept quiet for several years about his low wages.

A case of the pot calling the kettle black. A law breaker complaining about another law breaker.