Monday, November 17, 2014

The Ridgewood that the Times failed to see

Gregory Garvin took these photos over the past few months and they paint a somewhat different picture of Ridgewood than what the NY Times wants you to believe. He also put together an interesting slideshow.
Will the invading newbies do something to clean this up or are they actually contributing to the mess?

The city always promises better services in return for allowing a neighborhood to become the next hot thing, yet they never deliver.


Anonymous said...

He's right. Ridgewood has a really bad trash problem now - even in the Myrtle Avenue BID which has additional trash pick ups. It should also be mentioned that not only were trash cans removed from many locations along commercial streets, they were also removed from subway stations and platforms like Fresh Pond Road. THAT is why there's trash there now. It wasn't a problem before they removed the cans.

The completely asinine thinking of some schmuck somewhere is that once the citizens have been punished enough by having no trash cans, they'll grow up, be good doobies and learn how to properly dispose of household garbage by not leaving it in street-side cans.

What ineffective paternalistic bullshit!

If the corporate fuckhead who came up with this idea has any kids, just try to imagine how screwed up they must be. Somebody call Child Protective Services on this asshole.

Joe Moretti said...

Wow, yes most definitely how the Times or real estate folks paint this community. Pretty much is Jamaica Jr.

Ridgewood - The new Jamaica Ghetto Chic!

Anonymous said...

Let me tell you about invaders: they step over garbage - after all, someone else is undoubtedly paid to clean it up, so it's not their responsibility.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous: exactly! We have the same thing going on in Elmhurst, and even right in front of the always-jam-packed Queens Center Mall. It is super crowded around here, yet the city took away our public trash cans because people were dumping their household trash. So guess what happens now?-people just dump their household trash on the sidewalks and streets. The dumpers obviously couldn't care less if their neighborhood is covered in crap. So the theory that taking away the trash cans will teach people to not take advantage of trash collection clearly is not working. Now the one or two cans that we still have are always overflowing, and there is litter EVERYWHERE.

Anonymous said...

It was my understanding that it was in fact the local community board who advocated for removing trash cans off the streets in Ridgewood and Glendale as they supposedly made the neighborhood look tacky. But I agree with the first commenter, either way the move makes no sense. Especially since we have so many legal and illegal residents moving in as landlords struggle to make their payments by offering "apartments" which are really illegal divisions. This has been going on for decades hence the vast amount of deterioration seen in so many places. As a retiree who has been a Ridgewood resident for over 30 years I have struggled to ignore and tolerate this disgusting invasiveness but I have to admit, as a grandparent I no longer think I can. My children and I have proposed moving out many times. As I see these mongrels and their handful of snot nosed kids destroy not only the neighborhood but the language and culture as well, I've made up my mind to leave. My grandchildren deserve to grow up in a clean neighborhood and around their own people.

Anonymous said...

Who said the Times missed the garbage? They seem to like trash. Vibrant, I guess. How many times have they decried the clean-up of Times Square?

Anonymous said...

I know home owners here in north Queens who tie their own black garbage bags to the fence near bus stops so people throw the garbage in the bag and not in front of their homes.

Anonymous said...

NYC's garbage problem is just overwhelming, the city does not care, they are too busy building high lines and gardens before taking care of serious garbage issues. If they want to, they can have full time detectives figuring out who is dumping garbage and start fining people. No one dumps their cars on the highway the way they used to in the 70s and 80s, and graffiti has all the disappeared because of a crackdown. we live in a time of street cameras, and people leave their mail in the garbage. If city hall was serious, garbage dumping could be controlled.

Anonymous said...

"I know home owners here in north Queens who tie their own black garbage bags to the fence near bus stops so people throw the garbage in the bag and not in front of their homes."

I've seen this (including a few places that have three and four plastic grocery bags at once hanging on a front fence by the sidewalk) and while I understand why some people do it, it looks almost as bad as litter on the sidewalk in front of your house.

It says to people that it's okay to use the front of your house to get rid of trash.

It's the wrong idea.

The right idea is much more trash pick up, more public trash cans in commercial areas, dramatically increased littering fines, and rigorous enforcement of anti-littering laws - including the aggressive use of street cameras. Also throw in an extensive anti-littering campaign. Those PSAs were everywhere when I was a kid but I never see any these days.

Anonymous said...

This is exactly why i pay alot of money to live in a luxury bldg

no trash on the street here

the bulk of queens is a cesspool

it's a shame

Anonymous said...

I agree that its time to bring back the anti-littering public announcements. Who else remembers "New York, let's clean up New York"? People have no shame about them and just drop garbage deliberately everywhere. The absence of a trash bin is not a reason to litter. Take your garbage with you!

Anonymous said...

This what happens when you have absentee landlords and a transient populations. Its perfect for development (and campaign donations).

Get after the politicians to stop hollowing out communities and start to build strong communities.

Anonymous said...

We have garbage cans in Ozone Park and people STILL throw garbage on the ground. When I lived in Elmhurst it was disgustingly dirty. People would throw their trash all over the place. I feel it's partly due to cultural differences, and low morals.

Anonymous said...

NYers are pigs! I was recently in the intake area at LIJ Northshore (gorgeous building, stupid people) and watched about 50 employees walk around a piece of garbage right next to garbage pail! AND SOME OF THEM EVEN HAD LATEX GLOVES ON!!!!!

Really??? And I'll bet that every one of them had a college degree. Apathy reigns in NY! If well-paid, college grad, career people act like that what can you expect of the proletariat?

BTW - I did not pick it up because I did not have gloves with me - had I, I would have.

Stef said...

I grew up in Ridgewood, and trash has always been a problem, but has definitely gotten way worse in the recent past. Walking around Fresh Pond is gross, there is litter everywhere, and I'm disgusted by the animalistic behaviors of people in this town.
As a side note, people should really invest in reusable coffee cups and water bottles, and then they would have less trash to throw out.