Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Kim calls out shady towing company

From the Daily News:

Assemblyman Ron Kim said drivers have been victimized at the parking lot on 156th & Northern Boulevard in Flushing by a predatory tow truck company. The lawmaker has been working with the Legal Aid Society and the city Department of Consumer Affairs to document the firm’s bad practices and educate the public.

Queens drivers should be on the lookout for tow trucks from a Brooklyn company waiting to rip them off, officials said Monday.

The city is trying to rescind the license of All About Automotive II Inc. after determining it has been overcharging victims and demanding drivers pay cash to get their cars back, Assemblyman Ron Kim (D-Flushing) said.

“We’ve had dozens of people complain at the lot on 156th and Northern Boulevard, and we suspect hundreds have been victimized by AAA’s predatory towing,” said Kim, who is working with the Legal Aid Society and the city Department of Consumer Affairs to document the firm’s bad practices. “We want to make sure the public understands their rights when parking at these lots and report to us they’ve been victimized.”

The company refused comment when reached at its Brooklyn offices.


Anonymous said...

People park in the lot and go to the library.

That lot is not for the library. The tow truck dudes sit, wait, watch and then strike like hawks.

Anonymous said...

agreed with anon 1

Anonymous said...

Since Mickey D's left I don't go there anymore.(Love the Coffee) Anyone who drives there must be very careful of the tow trucks not to mention the terrible drivers.

Anonymous said...

This article really doesn't articulate what the tow truck drivers are doing wrong. I'm by no means their biggest fan and I may find their tactics to be distasteful. But unless Ron Kim has actual evidence of overcharging, he might not have a legal leg to stand on. I get the feeling that his real gripe is that the drivers are sneaky in catching people who park their cars on the lot and leave the property. As much as we might not like it, there is nothing illegal about it.

Anonymous said...

Recently I parked in a shopping center parking lot on Northern Blvd. and Woodside Ave to run into RCN office to return a remote and as soon as I left the lot my car was booted.
They wanted $136.00 and wouldn't accept a credit card and if the tow truck came they would tow my car to Queens Village.So I had to call a friend to bring me the money.
When I got home I checked the Dept. of Consumer Affairs and it says they can't charge more than $25.00 for a boot and they must accept credit cards. I was charged for a tow so I was scammed.
When I tried to call Done Deal Towing of Queens Village the phone was out of service. So I filed a complaint with Consumer Affairs and will go to small claims court if I have to. I don't mind paying if I made a mistake but I don't want to be scammed.

Anonymous said...

The issue with the tow company are:

Threatening to charge car owners at least $500 after towing their cars to the Brooklyn storage lot. While it is a bluff it makes it easier to get cash on the spot from the car owner for immediate release of their car.

Not reporting the tow to the 109th police prescient. This is required by city council law.

Not actually towing a car to the storage yard. Also required by law. Towers are not allowed to release cars on public streets (outside the parking lot). Release inside the parking lot is allowed for $64.50 + tax. Release at the storage yard is allowed for $136 + storage charges (if over three days) + tax.

Of course overcharging and not accepting credit cards for any transaction are also against the law.

These are just a few of the illegal things that the tow company is doing ......

Anonymous said...

Yawn. WTK else has Ron Kim done for his district?

Anonymous said...

That was supposed to be WTF.

Anonymous said...

All About Automotive II Inc. had their license recently revoked. They also have been fined and ordered to pay restitution to the victims.


Anonymous said...



Contact the DCA.
File a complaint if you have been victimized.

Demand your right to full restitution.

Predatory towing is illegal and unacceptable.
Those who engage in predatory towing must be held accountable.

Anonymous said...

The DCA has put up a claim form on their own website. But only for people who were towed between January and August of 2014. No promise on the amount of money, if any, these people will get back. Looks like everyone else is still out of luck. Everyone should call the DCA to complain about this disparity. Not fair! Demand full restitution for every victim!


DCA licenses tow truck companies that operate in New York City. A Tribunal found that All About Automotive II, Inc., which was located at 319 Devoe Street in Brooklyn, NY 11211, illegally towed vehicles from January 2014 to August 2014. If All About Automotive II, Inc. towed your vehicle during that time, you may qualify for restitution (a refund).

Please submit a completed Restitution Claim Form (in PDF) to DCA no later than December 31, 2016. DCA will review your request to determine if you qualify for a full or partial refund.

If you have a complaint about All About Automotive II, Inc. from outside of the above-mentioned time period or about another tow truck company, please file a complaint.

seojonsmith said...

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