Friday, November 28, 2014

Weird statue to be placed somewhere in LIC

From LIC Post:

The Department of Cultural Affairs is close to erecting a bright pink, 8 ½ feet tall sculpture on Jackson Avenue.

The artwork would be located there permanently and the cost to taxpayers would be about $450,000. Furthermore, the owners of the adjacent sites have not been notified — which is typical for this type of a artwork since it is part of city program.

The Department of Cultural Affairs through its ‘Percent for Art’ initiative has selected an artist to create the piece and it is a long way in the process of getting it approved. The artwork is called “The Sunbather” which is likely to be placed on the grass median by the crosswalk near 43rd Avenue.

Public inclusion in the process has been limited—with the organization electing not to share the rendering with the greater public or with this news site. It also won’t put the rendering up online until it is approved.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. And in this beholder's opinion, it looks like a bunch of wadded up bubblegum.


Anonymous said...

Permanently. Just like the Triumph of Civic Virtue.

JQ said...

this looks like the ebola strain if it mutated into a hipster.

is this a statue of dr. spencer?chillaxing in his uber ride or lounging in the gutter

there is a stupid exhibit around there by some artist who made massive sculptures of discarded gum and lollipops.I think this eyesore is part of that or a promotion of it.

Anonymous said...

this looks like the ebola strain if it mutated into a hipster.


Anonymous said...

They should have planted a tree there and spent the 450K on Queens park maintenance. Crap like this needs to stay in Manhattan.

m.h. said...

Art may be important but feeding families beats this "art" by a mile.

A family of four spends approximately $600 a month on food.

$450,000 would feed 750 families for a month.

Spending money on this "so-called art" is obscene given all the starving and homeless people in Queens.

Anonymous said...

start looking into who gets NYC Dept of Cultural Affairs money.

It's all about the real estate developers using art to destroy good strong working class neighborhoods.