Saturday, November 29, 2014

Queens is where yuppies want to be!

Another "Queens is the new Brooklyn" article from the NY Times featuring pretentious a-holes who wish they could afford Manhattan, but won't admit it:

“I was vehemently opposed to moving to Queens,” said Mr. Anker, a life coach who arrived with his family to Parker Towers in May, renting a renovated $3,600-a-month three-bedroom, two-bath with a balcony. “Now, I couldn’t love it any more if you paid me.”

In October, the monthly rent for two-bedrooms in Long Island City was $3,831 and in Astoria, $2,610. But, brokers and developers say, more newcomers are considering those areas as destinations in their own right.

“There is less of a conversation around, ‘I can’t afford anything else,’ ” said Rachel Loeb, a development director for World Wide Group. “It’s now a neighborhood of choice.”

Uh huh.


Anonymous said...

A life coach who has enough money to rent a $3,600 a month apt? First what the hell is a life coach? And second how do I become one?

Anonymous said...

This is utter nonsense! Austin St. is so not happening. It's a shitty stretch consisting of a bunch of chain stores.

The Bonelle family-run bakery just got pushed out by Dunkin.

The only thing Forest Hills has going for it is the Natural - a biggish health food store - and it's a nightmare to shop in.

And BTW - it's almost an hour into the the Village by train - now that the trains are so overcrowded and stop for several minutes at every station.

What a ridiculously self-serving article - was is written by a realtor?

Anonymous said...

a life coach is paid to tell people how awesome they are after they grow up and their parents stop doing so

Anonymous said...

Wow! I need to move somewhere else and rent out my lovely Queens 2-BR co-op. I'll make a ton on the difference between owning and renting.

Anonymous said...

Yeah...I live in "The Almost Manhattan Towers" building. Let's face it..those settlers who risked the move across Indian territory on the Great Plains...similarly announced , upon arrival...that Nebraska was their place of choice rather than live in Boston. The fact remained that they coul not make it or afford to live on Beacon Hill.

JQ said...

too bad john steinbeck is long dead,cause these upper class rejects are the bizarro version of the joad family,moving east with the ability to afford frivolously spend their money.

so lets turn queens blvd into dubai with the towers and the artificial green space.

these people are probably miserable inside that they have been priced out of manhattan and they will get the same feeling of being frowned upon by the long time residents of queens who will welcome them with stinkeyes.

worse will be when these folks see the runoff of the samaritan village shelters that are proliferating in their neighborhood of choice.

let the schadenfruede commence

Anonymous said...

Though it's evident these people would probably buy in Manhattan if they could, they do seem to be doing themselves a favor of choosing Queens over Brooklyn. I can't for the life of me understand why people would pay 50 - 100 percent more for a Brooklyn apartment than a Queens one given the same commute time. The schools are about the same mix, and save for Long Island City, we don't generally have housing projects so close to the more desirable areas.

Anonymous said...

What a ridiculously self-serving article - was is written by a realtor? - Parker Towers needed some good press because 2 out of the 3 buildings are no better than tenements/slums. Non working elevators and bedbugs not on the bedbug registry list. Caveat rentor!

Anonymous said...

anon 2: guess you've got a point or two there, but facts are stubborn things: Bonelle is still there and Dunkin is helping to keep it that way. Such mistakes hurt your credibility. Some might even think you know the truth but chose to lie ... you know, like a realtor.

Randy said...

I lived in Queens from July 1995 through April of this year, first in pre-hipster Astoria and then in Jackson Heights for the last thirteen years before semi-retiring in Brazil. I love Queens, but for the love of God and all things decent, Manhattan wannabes hsve ruined Astoria; please stay the f#}% out of Jackson Heights!

Anonymous said...

Re-Astoria Yuppies.

While the area has grown substantially with upscale young people, more Audis and less taxis are seen overnight parking on the street.
Dont kid yourself however, as there is still a large 4-to-a-room population still residing there, and imo are dangerous. Astoria still has a long way to go, imo.