Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Wild geese that fly with the rust on their wings

Whitefish/Oliver Hazard Triangle, Maspeth

I was going to suggest that some community volunteers roll up their sleeves and apply a coat of paint, but it looks as though more than that is needed to repair this damage.


georgetheatheist said...

Looks like Mexico. Where there's no concept of maintenance.

Anonymous said...

Cheap labor. cheap materials, no maintenance schedule, planned obsolescence. A brand new million dollar (small) park that takes 2 years to plan and 1 year to build will only last for 5 years before it crumbles into decay. And not a peep from our elected officials, you know, the same faces you always see at those ribbon-cutting ceremonies.

Anonymous said...

The damn shame about it is that the area has had an upgrade with the opening of that panini shop across the street. The Tiffany market was a dump and always covered with graffiti. The new place is great. But if you want to buy a panini and then sit outside to enjoy it at that triangle, you're met with an eyesore.

Anonymous said...

Honest graft and ribbon cutting photo ops for the do nothing pols.

Every capital project is grossly over budgeted because someone connected as the ce-ment contract.

No maintenance as that is boring shit that wins no friends, and besides, we have to cut the budget somewhere to give the developers those tax breaks.

Anonymous said...

So they cant maintain a small park and the city wants a Queensway,yeah okay.

Anonymous said...

I live near one of these small triangle parks in Maspeth and there's a Park's Dept. cleanup crew that comes there about 3 or 4 times a week to sweep and prune bushes. They even are there on Sundays and Holidays and it looks great. I imagine they do all the parks in their area.
Maybe if they only swept up twice a week they could do light maintenance the other days.
I think the problem in this city is that routine inspections are not done or if they are the findings are ignored and before you know it you have a big mess.
Everything seems to be complaint driven. If enough people complain something might get done.