Friday, November 21, 2014

Vibrant and diverse clothesline decor

From the Times Ledger:

Whitestone’s got an unusual problem. One of its houses has been hosting dead geese in its backyard since last Friday.

A Whitestone resident, who has been living in the area for 25 years, went into her backyard that morning and saw roughly 16 to 20 dead geese hanging on a clothesline in the backyard of a house on 150th Street and 15th Drive.

She said the yard behind the house tends to be a mess, with garbage cans that the owners collect as well as an irrigation system. She said she did not want to get the owners in trouble but was worried about the possible threat of disease in the neighborhood.

But according to another resident in the area, who has been living there for 50 years, this isn’t the first time the owners have hung up animals since they moved to the neighborhood in April 2011.

“I did see it last winter, but not as much,” she said. “Now it’s just clothesline-full.”

The occupants of the house could not be reached to explain the mysterious bird appearance.


Anonymous said...

Vibrant And Diverse!

Anonymous said...

The Chinese people who live behind me in College Point do it too. I love watching the birds come and peck at it and the cats and squirrels eat it, and then days later they come take them down and eat them. How people aren't getting sick I don't know.

Is there any city agency that regulates hanging dead animals in your backyard? If so how can we file a complaint?

Anonymous said...

Wait till you start seeing your neighbors dogs on that line! It is widely thought that dog meat is available in most of the Korean neighborhoods! A little taste of home.

What is the fucking point of coming to America if you don't want to be an American?

Queens is truly disgusting! Perhaps our mayor should come out and visit instead of hiding in Manhattan and upscale parts of Brooklyn!

georgetheatheist said...

Get a water gun blaster and spray 'em with skunk spray.

Anonymous said...

The Italians are at it again.

Anonymous said...

What is American? Remember that everything that the new immigrants are doing were done by the immigrants in the early 1900s. Overtime there will be assimilation. How do you assimilate into a neighborhood where there is such racism and ignorance? Of course you keep to yourself and be wary.
You really don't know what they are doing with the ducks? Maybe you should travel and talk to other people of different cultures and find out. They won't get sick because the item is cooked. How many times do you see squirrels take a bite out of your tomatoes? Yes, those little vampire punctures on the tomatoes are not naturally formed. Did you get sick?
My neighbor is an Italian with the thickest accent. I like him but he still shoots his dog poo and pee from his driveway on to the sidewalk with a hose. Makes the neighborhood smell like excrement in the summer. Maybe that's what they do in Italy?

Anonymous said...

Wow, someone really doesn't know how food poisoning works. Hanging the meat outside - on a clothesline, no less - means that birds can shit on it. That will make you sick. Why you would hang raw or cooked meat outside is a good question, and no, I don't recall my immigrant grandmother ever doing that.

Nice try, though.

Anonymous said...

It's quite possible that there is a goose hunter in the house. It's legal upstate and on Long Island.

Anonymous said...

our block in Bayside had live geese,honking loudly until the dept of health arrived at the home converted into a temple of the rich.

Anonymous said...

I think it's disgusting, my neighbor hangs them on their front porch on the same line they hang out the's one thing to keep your own culture, however they don't pick up on the American makes me sick to see these geese on the clothes line...I called 311 and they didn't know how to list my complaint until they got a senior manager on the phone and they listed it as animal cruelty bc they've never heard of such a thing. I thought it was a little harsh since we eat chicken but we certainly don't hang them out on the front porch with our laundry.

Joe said...

"Why you would hang raw or cooked meat outside"

I seen this in Chinatown.
Its a way of breaking down the fats and "mummifying" the animals for non-refrigerated consumption later.
You should see what the do with eggs !!! (
Steakhouses like Peter Lugar also have non refrigerated meat in large room with fans going (they call it aging)
I dont know how it works but it seems as long as fresh air is moving around the meat the fats and membranes break down but the muscle meat doesn't rot.

Anonymous said...

Guangdong Baisha Duck or wind dried, salt preserved duck is a specialty food in Human Town from over 5000 years ago !!!
They do the same with Turtles certain times a year when the shells are soft