Sunday, November 30, 2014

Massive development to be built atop taxi garage

From the Queens Courier:

The trend of converting parking facilities into new sites for residential development has reached Alert Garage Corp.’s massive lot in Long Island City.

The owner of the nearly one block-sized parking garage filed permits with the Department of Buildings on Wednesday to construct a new 10-story mixed-use residential and commercial tower on the site of the lot.

The property, now used for a parking facility at 30-17 40th Ave., will be developed into a new, mostly residential building with more than 290,000 square feet and 428 units, according to city records.

GKV Architects will be designing the new tower, which will have 214 parking spaces — meeting city requirements based on zoning regulations for the area. The site, however, is located adjacent the 39th Avenue N and Q subway station, giving future residents easy access to transportation.

How many more people do they plan to dump on these over capacity subway lines?


Joe Moretti said...

No thought what-so-ever to infrastructure that is already bursting to the seams now, can you imagine when they add more of these over-developments in many communities in Queens. Our subways are so jam packed as it is, our roads (in horrible conditions) already snarled with traffic congestion and parking in most communities, non-existent as it is.

As usual, it comes down to the all mighty dollar and forget what the hell it will do to a community. Flushing probably being the perfect example, major amounts of money dumped into that place and it pretty much is a money filled slum with every quality of life imagined. I can only imagine what Jamaica will be like once all of the over development they do there.

On the one hand you have this completely irresponsible over development with "luxury" places that most cannot afford and at the same time, you have "homeless shelters" and other crap dumped at the same time with no addressing "quality of life" issues. What is major wrong with that picture.

Anonymous said...

Who cares about the people being crowded?

The locals elect Jimmy and Michael and Cathy and Crowley and can't wait to be silent backdrops when those paragons of wise leadership want press, the locals support ex-QBPL trustee George and his Ditch Kills Civic that wants to upzone with more people (so the local schools are filled with their community's kids), beside where is the problem as the locals went through a zoning process to 'save' their community and they carefully looked at all those things like infrastructure just as they just did on the Astoria cove (where blocking their view of the city was the main concern), and the same people sit on the sit on their community board, (to say nothing of PS 84 PTA, Astoria Civic and Uck-ka) which is so forward thinking its inspired its own parody site, the same locals that, as property owners whose simple lives are dictated by little more than milking their block and lot for as much as they can suck out of it, likely make campaign donations so their nephews or cousins involved in the cement trade have work, and actively hire all those day laborers that this site bitches about, so no, do not be a critic Astorians.

They may understand little about most things in life that others comprehend and appreciate, and they care naught about elevating their pathetic little lives into something beyond the neolithic, but hell, give them a piece of land watch them milk if for every dime they can suck out of the dirt under their feet.

Its truly a marvel.

That is Astoria.

And because the politicians simply adore these people, they will be in some shape or form in your future NY.

georgetheatheist said...

Where do all these developers live?

Bucolic Douglaston Manor.

Scott68 said...

As that section of Queens was rezoned, what was once a mixed use ,manufacturing, the properties weren't worth much. Because of the rezoning, these properties are priceless now. We won't see any open areas without some kind of development close to a transportation hub.

SPY vs Spy said...


As that section of Queens was rezoned, what was once a mixed use, manufacturing, the properties weren't worth much.


The people in these areas were double crossed by their officials with that rezoning. For 100s of years Dutch Kills was a nice area with nice homes that did not need to be repeatedly sold down the river so some speculator can make money by destroying their community.


Because of the rezoning, these properties are priceless now.


Great, the homes and neighborhood is worthless but the dirt under their feet is gold. Way to go Astoria!

We won't see any open areas without some kind of development close to a transportation hub

Nor will we see space on the subway, resources for OUR community, adequate schools, hospitals, etc. You knuckledragging Astoria Neaderthals belong in a museum display somewhere.

Anonymous said...

I worked at 39th Ave @ Crescent, in the early 90s and boy did the neighborhood suck. There was a woman in a house with 50 cats, right on 39th Ave.
With that taxi lot ( disgusting ) finally gone, LIC/Astoria is truly on the way to being one good neighborhood.
Once they figure out a way to TAKE DOWN the entire ELEVATED subway line from Queensboro Plza to Ditmars, and replace it with trolleys, then 31st Street will certainly be desirable.
Right now, its really tacky.