Saturday, November 22, 2014

Do you believe police stats?

From the Daily News:

The city experienced the lowest crime rate in August, September and October since at least 1994, new statistics show.

Total crime, which focuses on the so-called seven majors — murder, rape, robbery, felony assault, burglary, grand larceny and grand larceny auto — is down 7.9% for the last three months as compared to the same period last year, data reveal.

Police Commissioner Bill Bratton said the record lows are proof that both his liberal and conservative critics need to back off.

“The reality of this city is that the city is getting safer and it’s getting safer because the cops are focusing on what they do and by and large are not paying attention to the left or to the right, which is appropriate,” Bratton said.

The way I look at it, if the police are refusing to take reports (and we all know they are), you can't claim that crime is down. Not to mention how much unreported crime there is because the victim is fearful or what have you.

Is the city safer than it was during the crack epidemic? Yes.

Is it safer than it was 10 years ago? I doubt it.


Anonymous said...

We have no choice but to believe it, who is going to dispute it? The media? I don't think so. Different standards for different ideologies

Anonymous said...

This is what cops spend their time doing.

JQ said...

Police Commissioner Bill Bratton said the record lows are proof that both his liberal and conservative critics need to back off.

bill bratton is the one who should back off.the same goes to mayor zero vision.people of all ideologies have every right to criticize and question the validity of these boasts.Or maybe it was a veiled attempt at the reporters at the press conference.

as for the alleged safety,shootings are up,domestic abuse is up,and gross incompetence by the police and the costs resulting from settlements because of their willful ignorance of constitutional rights is up.Hey at least not that many people are dying.

and the signs are out there,there is a palpable moral decay going on.there are a lot of scumbags out there sensing the indifference of some cops,and the wasted distractions involving stop and frisk.One can only imagine what some skel was up to somewhere else in the bronx as they were trying to find weed on that guy.

and what was that announcement on softening the crime on possession anyway?was that just to make people comfortable so they will be ripe for a you can possess weed in public but you can't smoke it,kind of likl conceal and carry gun laws.

for the editor of this fine blog and the readers,look no further about the credibility of this 3 month estimate than Adrian Schoolcraft,this guy was totally railroaded for his expose and was almost committed by his brothers in blue

Anonymous said...

Same bullshit in California. Illegal Immigrant drunk drivers, sex abusers, drug dealers, gun offenders gang, are no longer priorities because the broke ass system cannot make $$ from them.
Therefor the "lay off" orders and massive dumping back on the streets like Obama has been doing..

Meanwhile the working class stiff homeowner blowing a .09 DUI (3 beers) or slapping down some "poor young inner city thief of color" in self defense gets run through the mill with charges and $1000's of court fines plus thousands more in mandatory rehab or anger management classes!!
This Bratton sucks !!
Law enforcement is now TOTALLY nonexistent in PCTs like the 104. The only civil service people working are meter maids giving out tickets and firemen.

Anonymous said...

Stats are always manipulated. Every pct and detail has a compstat/ crime analysis office. Their job is to turn felonies into misdemeanors. If it was only analysis, you would have an spaa and a paa or 2 doing this. Instead you have a Sgt and a cop,the paa just does the input. We need more cops and civilians. Btw all the $$$ not spent on the missing 5500 cops and 500 civilians: what is it being spent on? A staff for mrs. Mayor and other nonsense.....

Anonymous said...

we need a RUDY in NYC again.