Thursday, November 20, 2014

IDC and GOP make a deal

From the Epoch Times:

The unusual power-sharing arrangement in the New York state Senate between Republicans and a splinter faction of Democrats will continue despite the GOP’s gains, the chamber’s top Republican said Monday.

Following a closed-door meeting with fellow Republican lawmakers, Senate Leader Dean Skelos also announced he would support legislative pay raises for lawmakers and state commissioners if the question came up in a lame-duck session this year.

The Senate had been led by a coalition of Republicans and the breakaway Independent Democrats, but Republicans won the majority outright in the Nov. 4 elections and will hold 32 seats in the 63-member chamber come January.

The gains prompted speculation that Senate Republicans would brush off the five-member Independent Democratic Conference.

Skelos said he and Sen. Jeff Klein, who leads the IDC, will work out the details of the arrangement. Republican senators unanimously re-elected Skelos to his leadership position on Monday.


georgetheatheist said...

Jesus Christ, you mamele boychik Jeff Klein. Quit your shittin' around and become a Republican already.

Anonymous said...

Republican In Name Only!!!!
They should be slashing the budget, not giving themselves raises!

Anonymous said...

Will Avella re-join the IDC?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Will Avella re-join the IDC?

Avella is part of the IDC. Before the trolls start coming out of the woodwork, the IDC made a commitment to caucus with the Democrats IF they regained the Senate chamber (meaning that they had 32 seats including the IDC). That didn't happen - in fact, the Democrats LOST several seats.

Add to this the extremely bad behavior of Crowley, Gianaris and Vallone in trying to take Avella down with John Liu, and the agreement was pretty much DOA.

If the Dems had spent the $1 million-plus on beating back the GOP instead of spending it on trying to take down Avella and Klein, there may have been a different outcome. Jerks.