Friday, October 31, 2014

Tweeding simply explained!

"These are the people who make sure we get nothing but then turn around and have us to vote for them again."


Anonymous said...

Enough said. Thanks for posting this.

Joe Moretti said...

This is great, very deep. But the option of voting Republican (I feel the current republican party is just as worse if not more so) is not the answer either, especially in communities of color. The answer is a better crop of politicians, be it Democrats, Republicans or whomever and we the people need to weed the shit out and vote smart.

Anonymous said...

Joe, I don't think the video was suggesting that, it merely took issue with the black leadership (overwhelmingly Democrat) misleading the black community with unfounded reactionary fear mongering that the other major (can I even say that about the Queens GOP?) party is looking to set back the clock 150 years on their rights.

If I were black, I'd probably vote Republican if for no other reason than to protest that infantilizing tactic.

Unknown said...

Joe, your only going to get that with term limits. President should be a one time 6 year limit. then vote for someone else. senators, congress should also be a one time 4 year period. being a politician was never meant to be a life long job. it was meant for common people to serve there country, get out and go on with there lives. we need to get back to that.

Anonymous said...

4:07 he said "vote wisely".


Vote wisely

<< Vote

<< Wisely

Choose one.

georgetheatheist said...

Un crie de coeur.

4:04: "Everybody got to vote. If you vote wisely, you could stop a lot of this stuff."

Vote for whom in Queens? Working Family? And dig down into the collective miasma even deeper? Republican? A bunch of white idiots at each other's throats?

georgetheatheist said...

"Term limits?"

THEY term-limited Brotha Comrie (The Useless) and then THEY 3-card Monte-d him to assistant Borough President and now THEY are hauling his ass towards the State Senate. See his idiot Brotha-grin smiling at you this week from all the community papers. Ain'ts DEY great?

C'mon, cut him some slack. The Brotha gots to make a livin'. You can still visit him at the food courts on the Thruway to Albany.

Anonymous said...

It is most troublesome is that not enough digging goes on to reveal who is paying for what.

Keep in mind that this video arrives via Rebel Pundit and Jeremy Segal who is a disciple of the late Andrew Breitbart. In other words, it's tied to conservatives of the tea party variety who are typically supported by wealthy big business interests (e.g., Koch Brothers, tobacco, etc.).

When one-sided, knee-jerk stuff like this appears (right before an election, imagine that!), although there are always valid points that really anyone would agree with, it makes sense to have a cool head, be skeptical and follow the money to the entity that produced it. Doing this typically leads to a sophisticated machine whose sole purpose is to create discord - not to make things better in this country.

This fact will no doubt bother many here.

Yes, there are a lot of Democrats who are lousy and not enough has been accomplished to have a more robust economy that benefits more than only those at the top. BUT, surely some of the same people who back a video like this are the same people (or support the same people) who voted against any and all legislation aimed at further improving the economy and who have done their best to try and sink an economic recovery while a Democrat is still in the White House (obstructionism, budget brinksmanship, etc., etc.).

Yeah, there are people in the Democratic party who need to be routed out. Unfortunately, SO MANY Republicans are SO EXTREME that a lackluster Democrat wins by default.

This hurts everybody - except, of course, big business – they like people to remain divided.

And for those who think that voting out all Democrats and voting in all Republicans will turn everything around, once again, follow the money. It will lead to people don’t give a crap about anybody but themselves and who view the electorate as something “to be managed.”

Joe Moretti said...

At this point I do not really care who actually is behind this video, it is the substance that counts. And this video is looking at black leadership in black communities and it is pretty much right on the money. All one needs to do is look at Jamaica and the political leaders who have been at it for decades, the same names over and over and the community itself never improving at all except for those leaders.

Anonymous said...

"...SO MANY Republicans are SO EXTREME that a lackluster Democrat wins by default."

Addicted to the dem Kool-Aid I see.

JQ said...

Regardless of the source,this was a great video.

How come someone from hasn't made a video like this with people disappointed and who lost faith in government.especially with the first black president in office.

and why not ask some black residents of southeast queens what they really think of representative meeks

Anonymous said...

It has been like this for years in black communities. If you ask most people if they vote they would tell you "vote for what they do nothing for us". Enough said.

Gabster said...


I'm registered as Independent and since Obama's 2nd term, I vote Green across the board. For laughs, I DID vote for the "Rent is 2 damn high" guy in last year's mayoral election.

Politics is bullshit anyway from the executive level right on down to local. They're ALL self-serving liars, Rethugs and the damn dems, all to protect (their safe spot within) the plutocracy.