Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Even more homeless shelters for Queens!

From the Daily News:

The city is planning to open more emergency homeless shelters in Queens in the coming months, including one in Far Rockaway.

That news brought an outcry from leaders in Rockaway, where the city recently converted the former DayTop center in Arverne into a homeless shelter.

"Whenever the city has a problem they sent it to Rockaway," said Jonathan Gaska, district manager of Community Board 14. "It's a matter of fairness."

More than 100 adult men are slated to move into the former Rockaway Manor on Beach 8 St., which was severely damaged two years ago during Hurricane Sandy.

Officials from the Department of Homeless Services met with legislators from across the borough last Thursday to let them know their districts were being scoped out for possible shelter sites.

But no specifics were given during the pow-wow at the Overlook in Forest Park, which has led to a borough-wide guessing game.

One of the targeted districts, represented by Assemblywoman Nily Rozic, includes Fresh Meadows and Bayside which currently have no homeless shelters.

City Councilwoman Elizabeth Crowley and Assemblywoman Cathy Nolan, who both represent Ridgewood, were also notified. There are rumors a shelter is planned for that neighborhood.

Other districts under consideration include ones represented by Assemblymembers Jose Peralta (D-East Elmhurst), Jeffron Aubrey (D-Corona)and Andrew Hevesi (D-Forest Hills).

And do you know why this is happening? DeBlasio loosened the criteria for acceptance into the homeless system, which benefits the fat cats (campaign donors) who have contracts with the city to warehouse the homeless.

Where Bloomberg offered shelter to roughly 40% of applicants, de Blasio’s team boosted the acceptance rate to 49% or more, hitting a high of nearly 57% in March.

Heard about the skel that beat his stepdaughter to death this weekend in a shelter? This was in the Times:

The shelter on Cooper Street is managed by Housing Bridge, a nonprofit group under contract to the Department of Homeless Services to provide transitional housing and social services to homeless families. Housing Bridge, which was established in 2006, manages 1,000 transitional housing units for families and adults in the Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan and Queens, according to a spokesman. Its founder and chief executive, Isaac Leshinsky, is a longtime supporter of Mr. de Blasio, and contributed to his mayoral run last year.

This actually smells like a scandal and you'd think the papers would report it as such instead of demonizing the residents who don't want these human warehouses in their neighborhoods.


Anonymous said...


Much as I hate this news, why do you think it's any more scandalous than the typical "honest graft"? Mayor can put as much money into DHS as the Council will let him - I don't see a foothold for a prosecutor.

Not Black Don't Shoot said...

The welfare queens didn't even want to stay there and demanded FEMA put them up in fancy hotels. Guess some more appreciative guests are being moved into their former housing.

Anonymous said...

One thing is certain: no homeless shelters near politicians homes.

Anonymous said...

So homeless are now entitled to free beachfront housing?

Anonymous said...

Hey I just had a flash, Wasn't Brian McLaughlin just released? How about BDB makes McLaughlin the "New" Homeless Czar. He's going to need a place to live isn't he?

Middle Villager said...

Most of the main stream media did not report the Bushwick murder as being in a homeless shelter, they just said it happened in an apartment. The media rarely mention "homeless shelter" the same way they never say "illegal alien". The newspapers and TV have long ago forgotten journalism and just report press releases handed to them by the Government. It is time to go back to the days of massive public protests, that is the only way the media picks up on these stories.

Middle Villager said...

Check out http://www.thenewyorkworld.com/2014/02/15/de-blasio-inaugural-contribution/ This guy is making millions off of City tax dollars along with Samaritan Village (and all the ex-city officials who work there) and God knows who else. The whole set-up of the DHS stinks and still no coverage by mainstream media.

Anonymous said...

Middle Villager suffers from 'good ol days' syndrome...maybe he wasnt around during the McCarthy era?

Anonymous said...

No wonder the Gov cut back section 8 housing, why give millions to individual landlords when you can give away hundreds of millions to a few politically connected fat cats. The work of Boss Tweed goes on.

Anonymous said...

Look guys, the welfare state has long outlived its original intention.

But now its a wonderful opportunity to employ Democrat wonks and Democrat union labor.

Its Honest Graft for tireless foot shoulders of the Machine!

Attacking the disadvantaged makes as much sense as getting angry at vermin when it shows up around dirt.

The person that made the dirty problem is your enemy, not the results of their actions.

JQ said...

The main problem with this proposed shelter in rockaway is the location,when they could have considered this area>>>


The dweebs involved in this kickstarter thing were inspired by the homesteads of the early 20th century,why don't the rightly concerned folks of far rock have a meeting with these inspired hipsters and request that they take in the homeless and needy to fill their tents.

Anonymous said...

Once you mention children and homeless any opposition is labeled as cruelty and greed.

The puzzle, now solved, is how to get inserted in between the city's spending for these programs and the actual clients of these programs.

Compassion is not required. Political connections are.