Monday, October 13, 2014

Fresh Meadows house is a scary sight

From WPIX:

Getting the monstrosity of a house torn down would be great. But first step: a clean-up. We contacted the city Health Department and sanitation department. The law is before the city can do a clean-up, it has to give the owner 5 days notice. So, the city mailed a notice to the owner’s last known address.

But nothing happened after 5 days. So we got back in touch to find out what was up. That friendly reminder did the trick.

The first thing this past Monday morning, sanitation had a crew out there. For some reason, Mae says they couldn’t clean up the backyard. But it’s a good start.

Take a look at the before and after in the video and you’ll see what I mean.


Anonymous said...

See what 311 gets you? Your councilman off the hook and little else.

There is a systematic hallowing out of our communities by the electeds. This lets development, half-way houses, and other favored tweeded to move in and taker over.

Their big failure here, in their warped view of us, is not addressing the obvious damage to the neighborhood by the bad property owner, but failure to give the neighbors the 'Astoria Solution' to any civic complaint: "if you don't like it, move."

One of the reasons the pols hate Tony: he acknowledges that stuff like this exists.

Anonymous said...

Thanks to Howard NYC had to do it's job and cut the weeds. Why didn't calling 311 work ?

Anonymous said...

Why didn't calling 311 work ?

New around here?

Anonymous said...

It's only a block away from Rory Lancman's home. Surprised he hasn't seen it.

The owner is listed as Ibrahim M. Badawi. His tax documents are addressed to this home, so clearly he checks his mail at this residence.

Anonymous said...

Why not name the owner in the news story? Even better reporting, find and confront the owner on camera. Seriously, a HS newspaper could have done this story.

Anonymous said...

. Seriously, a HS newspaper could have done this story.

Got that right. The media will never criticize a politician.

They should have called Lanceman who without a reasonable doubt knew about this place, and asked him why he spent his time on the community's dime working on street renaming and ignored community blights like this.

Would have been even better if they went to Joe Crowly's community and contrasted that with the way people live under his rule in his district.

And the next time something like this happens, turn up the heat on your local community board and politicians hitting every media outlet you can find.

This issue was given a band aid by handling like this. There is no follow through and the same thing will happen again and again elsewhere.

We need to have our politicians and our press focus the same attention on sustaining communities that they give on development and displacement.

Anonymous said...

They sure there's no bodies in there? How about furniture and valuables?

Anonymous said...

That's Sleeping Beauty's cottage. Maybe some prince will brave the thicket...wake her up with a kiss.