Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Safety of pre-K kids in question

From the NY Post:

Mayor de Blasio’s frenzied push to expand pre-K programs has had dangerous consequences — hundreds of serious violations at unprepared centers since the start of the school year, including at least 78 for hazardous infractions that have still not been remedied, a Post review found.

The most alarming violations were cited at three centers that failed to report significant issues to the Department of Health — allegations of child abuse, the arrest of a staff member or an injury to a child — within 24 hours, as the oversight agency mandates.

And dozens of additional centers failed to conduct required security-clearance checks on their workers, according to DOH records, which show that at least 22 of the programs have not yet done so.

Experts said de Blasio’s pre-K cheerleading could be behind the rash of violations, which include failure to provide “competent” oversight of kids, not properly maintaining fire extinguishers and not having metal guards on windows to prevent a child from falling.


georgetheatheist said...


Kowabonga! Forget about this over-priced socialist crap. Just have the kids watch the New Howdy Doody Show.

Flub-a-dub . . . it rhymes! . . . can be African-American. Dilly-Dali, nouveau Hispanic. And a Chinese Buf Lo Bong.

Anonymous said...

this guy is such an idiot.

Like most dems/socialits, they have big ideas but no way to get them done.

Anonymous said...

Anon no. 2:


JQ said...

will farfina's overhaul of superintendents have any effect on pre-k?

Anonymous said...

he wasn't a good idea for the city.

Anonymous said...

one wonders what the status of the five year old from the BX. who visited W.Africa and came back to nyc with a disease that seems to be hidden from the public ?