Friday, October 24, 2014

Help sought to finish anti-graffiti project

From the Queens Courier:

Graffiti has been a problem in Hamilton Beach for decades, creating eyesores all around the neighborhood.

And the bridge that connects Hamilton Beach to Old Howard Beach over Hawtree Creek, known to residents as the “blue bridge,” is one of the most notorious spots for defacement.

But some residents, who are fed up with the look it gives the neighborhood, took clean-up matters into their own hands.

“One day, while hanging on my boat with some friends, we all started talking [about] how the bridge made the neighborhood look degrading,” said Laura Weiser, a resident of Hamilton Beach for 12 years. “So, I decided to do something about it.”

And she did.

As Weiser was starting to paint the southern portion, on her second day of painting, she slipped, fell and tore tendons and ligaments in her left wrist. Because of this injury, she could not finish painting the side and has left it a quarter of the way done.

She is now hoping that some residents will follow her good deed and help finish painting the concrete as she will not be able to do so for another six weeks.


Anonymous said...

Why did they use dark green paint? Did the city approve it?

Anonymous said...

Even worse, another one that wants to play government and provide services that their taxes should cover.

If you see a developer that wants something - and makes a bribe er campaign donation, you see the city all over them.

So of course we see the politicians encourage this. You might even get a very very big 'Proclamation' for being simple enough to cover their intentional disregard for your community.


Anonymous said...

Anon No 2:

Even better, someone who cares about their community and city and wants to do something to make things better, instead of sitting around and whining about politicians.


Anonymous said...

You Go Girl! You're a doer and you deserve an applause. Wouldn't it be nice if every New Yorker cared as much as you do about the community they lived in.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, guys, the pols are taking advantage of this person. The city is fully responsible for this.

Notice how they always have the time and funds for their cronies.

The way you show how much you care is to hound those responsible for this - your elected officials and the community board.

Anonymous said...

The city hasn't done anything to clean up the graffiti despite years of complaints from residents. The elected representatives there all suck so what should a community do? The sheeple are not going to vote them out of office...I give credit to this person who has the spirit and energy to take matters into her own hand. It's called brut force. Complainers be damned.

JQ said...

the indifference shown by our elected officials and police is repulsive,and this poor woman has to risk her life and well being to make a difference because the aforementioned blatantly don't give a shit.

she,I or anybody else who pay taxes should not have to sacrifice ourselves and risk injury for this bullshit,and the people who don't vote and who vote for the same hacks should be ashamed of themselves.

It's certain that the taggers are kids from those towns.send a police car to patrol that area for a month.

m.h. said...

Better yet, put in some motion sensitive cameras and catch the kids who do this. Their parents will have to pay for the clean up. That alone, may deter grafitti.