Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Discuss your ideas for the Pavilion

Photo from The 1939 World's Fair
From Brownstoner Queens:

This Saturday, November 1st, People for the Pavilion and Architecture for Humanity are setting up information tables around the borough to talk with Queens residents on the past and present of the New York State Pavilion. Reps will be asking passerby what they know about the historic structure and what they’d like it to become. Currently, People for the Pavilion is working to revitalize the towers for community use, with growing support from politicians. If you’d like to stop by and share your thoughts, tables will be out in Diversity Plaza, 37th Road between 73rd and 74th Streets, Corona Plaza, Roosevelt Avenue between National Street and 104th Street, and Queens Library: Flushing, 47-17 Main Street, from 11 am to 3 pm.


Anonymous said...

Why aren't they asking for input from residents living along the south side of FMCP? Forest Hills? Rego Park?
Not "diverse" enough ?

Not Black Don't Shoot said...

It's just going to be quietly turned into a homeless shelter and we'll probably see more flaming vans.

Anonymous said...

No, no: EDC will turn it into a "waste-to-energy" processing facility.

Anonymous said...

Make a great hanging pavilion for convicted crooked politicians....or perhaps a pillory, gibbet, dunking pool. Let us set an example to deter corruption. I suggest a name for this punishment area: The Donald Manes Circle.

Joe said...

Bullshit democrat political rally just in time for Nov 4th.
Will the Crowley's be there with the crummy acoustic guitar singing "It’s a Small World"
Since when do they give a shit about what Americans want, WHAT a f_ucking joke !!