Friday, October 24, 2014

Entire block to be demolished in LIC

From the Court Square Blog:

Demolition has moved into a new phase at 45-46 Davis Street, the former home of 5Pointz. The last time we checked in, construction crews had erected fences on Davis and Crane Street.1 More recently, they put up the scaffolding on the Jackson Avenue side, shown in the first photo. Demolition is moving along quickly in the middle section of the lot (see the second and third photos), and with the scaffolding up on the Jackson Avenue, it won’t be long before those buildings start to come down, as well.


Anonymous said...

What a pity - those look like wonderful old buildings. What can't they just be refurbished?

Why are these developers allowed to destroy NYC's character?

Oh right - Bloomturd and deSleazio.

And our local fucked-up paid-off councilmen!

Anonymous said...

Look for Press Conferences Starring JVB and BDB applauding the developers for the Rebirth of L.I.C. What's really going on here is even more despicable than you thought. JVB is building a neighborhood to house prospective constituents. Hipsters and "Progressives".Wake up people.

Anonymous said...

They could not be refurbished because only a big developer can afford the money to pay off the rent stabilized tenants in those buildings to leave. There is no money in refurbishing rent stabilized apartments.

Anonymous said...

Yet another example of development that is wrong wrong wrong.

They are making every mistake in the book that people discovered decades ago: you do not bulldoze a community into oblivion. A healthy vibrant area has a mix of both old and new.

But since they are building tomorrows SROs and worker dorms for the city's elite why waste any effort on the dull and numb?

Besides, trying to convince the backward movers and shakers of Queens to the more sophisticated dimensions of life is a bit of a waste of time.

Like what was tried in saving the suffering millstones at Queensplaza, you have someone like that paragon of library scholarship, George Stamatiades and his little sidekick Jimmy Van Bramer stand in the wary.

Threats are made, funding is cut, calls unanswered, and the offending parties become invisible.

I love the Democratic Party in Queens. A place where diversity is celebrated except where a citizen exercises their right and responsibility to voice an opinion.

Thank God intelligence trumps the backward and ignorant every time.

Anonymous said...

JVB is building a neighborhood to house prospective constituents. Hipsters and "Progressives".Wake up people.
Don't give that little squirt more credit that he deserves. He is building his career. IMHO he doesn't give two shits for anything else. A product of the Queens 112Library elite. no?

Hipsters might move in for the first decade but soon reality sinks in.

Look at Harlem in 1900. It was beautiful and built far better than the garish garbage thrown together in LIC today.

But when you overbuild the banks want their mortgages satisfied. So you throw in anything and anyone you can to pay down the debt.

What will start to happen to LIC in 20 years or so will not be pretty.

Anonymous said...

It was Councilman Jimmy Van Bramer who took $10,500 in campaign contributions from the Wolkoff family who owns this site. Jimmy boy would not even becuse himself from voting on the zoning variance to build 40 stories at the council public hearing. That backstabbing bastard voted yes to build.

Anonymous said...

Joe Conley stood besides the developer at borough hall when the variance proposal was presented to Helen Marshal. Buddy, buddy, buddy. Van Bramer, Conley, Marshal....what a threesome.