Sunday, October 26, 2014

Axe attack on cops called an act of terror

From CBS 2:

Authorities believe a 32-year-old Queens man Zale Thompson, the man who attacked a group of NYPD officers in Queens with a hatchet before they shot him dead, acted alone. They also said he may have been inspired by this week’s terrorist attack in Ottawa.

“It appears, just from the electronic forensic piece of this, that this is something that he has been thinking about for some time and thinking about with more intensity over recent days,” the NYPD Counter-terrorism Chief John Miller said.

Police obtained a warrant to search Thompson’s computer for clues about Thursday’s daytime assault, which left one officer with a serious head injury.
Thompson’s activity on social media indicated he was a convert to Islam and included rants about injustices in American society and oppression abroad but offered no clear evidence of any affiliation with terror groups, police said.

Sources told CBS 2’s Matt Kozar that Thompson had been visiting websites affiliated with Al Qaeda, ISIS, and Al-Shabaab.

A Facebook page linked to Thompson includes a picture of an Islamic warrior and a quote from the Koran.

On YouTube, Thompson appears to have posted a comment advocating “holy war,” saying “If you’re looking for ‘perfect’ Muslims who never make any mistakes in their jihad, then you will be looking in vain,” CBS 2’s Tony Aiello reported.


Anonymous said...

It's only a matter of time that these savage attacks will be perpetrated against john q public. And cuomo and his minions want to saddle the public with safe act 2 and make us more vulnerable. Hide your scissors and steak knives,they're next.

JQ said...

lets cut the shit here,this bum and the others are not soldiers of isis or isil or the islamic state(pretty bigoted title,lets keep generalizing all muslims),they are lunatics no different than the random shooter,mugger or rapist.It's asinine to tie him with a militia of revolutionaries(sorry but they are,despite their disgusting organized crimimal tactics and distorted version of islam).It's no different than some fanatic christian saying god told him to shoot or stab people.

and then there's the ny post,calling it an act of war because he went on some webpage and got inspired.

you can never fight ideas,we been doing it for over a decade and we have lost our basic constitutional rights as a result.But now that the war on drugs is sort of ending thanks to the tolerance of weed,we need another mindless crusade to spend trillions

and again the NYPD fucks up with the excessive force and shoots a bystander,also all the Ighouls with the camera phones taking videos of the about extreme actions by people.this society is devouring itself.

Anonymous said...

They only shot one bystander this time.

De Blasio said he was “very impressed” with how the officers responded to “something absolutely unexpected.”

De Blasio said the officer “responded in a way that really shows the power not only of their abilities and their commitment but their training, responding exactly as their training dictated.”

JQ said...

correction,sub innocent for incident.

Joe Moretti said...

Muslims will continue to keep getting generalized, till they stand up and speak out against the lunatics of this religion and what this twisted religion stands for. The majority of Muslims, who are not violent, still believe that if you leave the religion, you should be punished and in Islamic countries that punishment range from prison to death. I mean talk about your backwards, middle ages type thinking.

So yes, in this day and age, that is completely barbaric and since the majority of Muslims believe in this, then yeah, they will continue to become generalized.

And to this same commenter who made the comment about generalizing, the police did not use excessive force what-so-ever, considering the circumstances. Sure whenever there is a shooting in public, there is always a risk of an innocent bystander being shot.

Does anyone speak out when some gang banger shoots up a place and innocent people are shot or killed or the the slew of white kids shooting up schools, which happens way more than with the police.

I think some out there would be happy if we just had a completely lawless land, where you can do whatever the fuck you want.

Next time you are mugged or attacked, don't bother calling the police, ask one of the gang bangers in the hood or some criminal to help you.


It is this type of thinking that makes this liberal ashamed to be a liberal.

JQ said...

I don't think I should be denied the help of cops if I get mugged because of an opinion.

And,although I am not a cop,I think if I had a club or a black belt or with back up right there I would fire blindly.

And,although I have beliefs and politics that seem liberal doesn't make me liberal and I am not ashamed of that.

If I should see future articles on muggings,like the second one that involved a trio attacking a person in williamsburgh,I will write with vitriol and rage about the cowardice of the thugs and the lack of beat cops on the street equally.

Bill Maher,liberal,animal activist,and pot avenger has this theory that right now that because some assholes are killing in the name of mohammed that the religion has to be targeted much more than any fanaticism.Isn't that kind of like dropping drones verbally on even the innocent bystanders.But there still alive and not in pieces so maligning people is ok.

I don't know anymore,I hear dimwits say that MLK's dream is realized and racism is over because B.O. is president,but apparently bigotry is still thriving and somewhat justified because of the acts,ambitions and avarice of the fiends of isis.

and why are they calling them isil and the isalmic state anyway?the terminology is just unsettling and suspicious.and we are losing.

and that is why generalization is bad and counterproductive and this commenter is against it.


Your site is great,your vitriol is sharp,your rage is focused,and I hope you seriously run for office.You have been inspiring lots of people and a police squad on filth in your reporting on Jamaica.In a way you reached out to that woman in howard beach to try to paint that bridge.I did not mean to piss you off,but I knew what I wrote.just channeling john adams.

I knew what I did and knew it would offend people,unlike some doctor who knew the protocols.

Anonymous said...

The location of this incident is less then 100 yards from the front entrance of Gertz (RIP). Went from going to the Enchanted Village there to getting cops swacked with an axe.

Great work done by the progressives.

Anonymous said...

I want cops who only have guns if they've been properly trained to use them, and are equally well trained with other weapons - billy club, mace, taser etc...these police shootings of innocents happen way too often. Wanting police that don't suck is not the same as wanting anarchy. It's ridiculous to see an innocent get shot and extol the shooter as de blasio did. Every incident should be studied, and a way to better protect the maimed citizen should be ascertained. That this woman was shot is evidence of a failure. That failure must be identified and corrected.

JQ said...

correction:I would not fire blindly

I hate capthca