Wednesday, October 22, 2014

DeBlasio better at Building it Back

From the Queens Chronicle:

Approximately 6,400 homeowners across the city — half of those still actively seeking help from Build it Back — have been made offers for reimbursement checks or reconstruction. At the beginning of the year, that number was only 451.

That’s when the de Blasio administration overhauled the program, eliminating income eligibility requirements, embedding staffers directly in the communities affected by the storm and putting Amy Peterson in charge of the program, which the mayor said was “his favorite change” to Build it Back.

De Blasio said there have been 727 construction starts and 878 reimbursement checks sent to date. That’s several hundred more just since Labor Day.

At the beginning of the year, those numbers were zero ... and zero.

The mayor has also set new benchmarks for progress. By Dec. 31, his administration is aiming for 1,000 construction starts and 1,500 reimbursement checks cut.


Anonymous said...

Bloombag missed the boat on a real legacy here. He could have offered to send real architects and planners to rebuild the Rockaways homes with quality materials -no more combustible, rotting wood frames.

get rid of that captcha shit.

The cost to his 34 billion dollars would have been a rounding error and they would have renamed it "Bloobergia".

JQ said...

This is good,it leaves hope even for his affordable housing goals(knocking on wood).

Still doesn't excuse his lack of transparency and contempt for the press and his defense of his wife's useless aide.

Anonymous said...

Just hope these reconstructed don't wash away in the next big storm. Truth of the matter is these year-round homes should never have been there in the first place. "You can't fool Mother Nature".