Saturday, October 25, 2014

Woodside strip club a nuisance

From the Queens Chronicle:

A night/strip club in Woodside has become a hotbed for crime, and officers in the 114th Precinct are unhappy with it.

During a Community Board 1 meeting on Tuesday, Detective Eddie Negron came before the board and asked them to help the precinct in getting Perfection, located at 62-05 30 Ave. in Woodside, under control.

“There have been 25 major crimes, resulting in 16 arrests this year,” Negron said. “There are quality-of-life issues and safety issues that pose a threat to the community.”

According to the detective, there have been one homicide, three shootings, five incidents where a gun or weapon was found on an individual, nine physical altercations resulting in serious injuries and two cases involving fraudulent credit cards.

Negron added four of the incidents involved employees of Perfection, including the groping of a customer by a bouncer.

“An example I’ll give you is the night of Feb. 24,” Negron said. “At 2:50 a.m., an individual was found with a loaded gun, at 3 a.m. an individual with an active warrant was involved in an altercation and then at 4 a.m. a man was shot in the stomach outside of the club in a taxi. This all happened on the same day.”

Negron pointed out some of the “hired talent” have known criminal backgrounds and he has noticed possible gang activity within the club. He added that a majority of the problems are caused by residents of other boroughs.

A representative for Perfections would not return calls for comment.


Anonymous said...

Whatever happened to "freedom", right my fellow Bunker and Bunkerettes? If the Council wanted to pass a decent nanny state law, how about a 3 year suspension on any operations licenses for any establishment which becomes the location for 10 or more felonies in a given year, on the grounds that the owner isn't doing enough to prevent breeding crime?

Anonymous said...

close the place up 3 strikes your out that business shouldn't be allowed to exist across the street from a park anyway

georgetheatheist said...

This place has been a cesspool for years and years. Who owns it now?

JQ said...

wasn't woodside on of those hot areas to move to?

did I miss something?

things are getting uglier and scarier in ny,it's starting to resemble the 70's and 80's again,but with less of the gritty charm

except back then we did not have a militarized police force and surveillance cameras everywhere and smartphones,so what is the excuse for the rampant crime going on from this to that mugging in crown heights?

Well commissioner bratton?

Anonymous said...

this is right next to the BQE and cross the street from St. Michael's Park -- not a great area for sure never has been