Sunday, October 26, 2014

Club operated illegally without C of O

From DNA Info:

Bar and music venue Radio Bushwick was forced to cancel all of its upcoming CMJ shows after a judge slapped them with a temporary restraining order barring live shows — part of a legal dispute with the landlord that could put an end to all future concerts there.

The venue, at 22 Wyckoff Ave., had to cancel shows by about 40 bands since Oct. 10, with 20 additional gigs for CMJ either being canceled or moving to other venues. The move came after Brooklyn Supreme Court Judge Lawrence Knipel ordered the venue to halt all of its shows immediately on Oct. 10 out of concern for the safety of their patrons, according to owners and court documents.

Knipel slapped the restraining order on the venue following a lawsuit filed by landlord Jamie Wiseman, of Cayuga Capital Management, who argued that the venue did not have proper fire alarms or sprinkler systems in place.

"Defendant's own website shows what appears to be hundreds of young people crowded around a performance stage," Judge Knipel wrote, "One shudders to contemplate the consequences of inadequate fire safety protection."

According to the Department of Buildings website, the venue does not have a Certificate of Occupancy, which is required to operate.

The building was never issued one because an alteration permit initiated in 2008 to convert the building from manufacturing to an eating and dining establishment was never completed, a DOB spokesman said.

The FDNY, which is responsible for monitoring sprinkler systems, did not immediately respond to a request for comment.


JQ said...

"The FDNY, which is responsible for monitoring sprinkler systems, did not immediately respond to a request for comment."

some of our beloved firemen are not above bribes to keep fey soulless music loving hipsters happy.

the tipping point for hipster consumerism has arrived,good job by the judge for halting these creeps.It's certain that these crap shows have been going on for a while with the help of social networking.

despite how weak rock music is these days,towns can use more venues but you got to follow the rules,remember that show by shitty metal band great white,who thought it was a grand idea to have pyrotechnics in a nite club.

But these cretins will never learn,they count on indifference and their frivolous spending to protect them from the law.

I wonder if dr. ebola hipster would have attended this concert if he wasn't quarantined

Anonymous said...

That's a see of AHH, not C of O