Thursday, October 30, 2014

Woodhaven businesses pissed off about tickets

From WPIX:

A group of small business owners in Woodhaven, Queens says the New York City Sanitation Department inspectors are playing dirty.

The enforcement agents, they say, are slapping the businesses with $100 tickets in the middle of the night.

Last year, Bill de Blasio, while he was still Public Advocate, called the middle of the night ticketing “unreasonable.” So why is it still going on? Mayor de Blasio refuses to answer. His office referred us to the Sanitation Department , which also declined to address our questions.


Anonymous said...

The game doesnt change only the players.

Anonymous said...

The most transparent and open mayor certainly enjoys not having to answer any and every question thrown his way, I guess when your A lefty in New York you answer to no one

JQ said...

this is an obvious mission creep to gentrify the area.check out the sudden interest and investment in 80-20 housing in east new york,its just a few miles down jamaica ave.

this is how it goes,you stress out and wear down people slowly.just like the sudden escalation and excessive force by the nypd in sunset park,they send some sellout ghouls with no morals in the dead of night to fine the small businesses that these politcos care so much about these days.

has anyone ever heard of late shift sanitation patrol before?So many questions about this dubious enforcement,like how much overtime is this costing taxpayers,and what if they are planting garbage there,and why aren't they catching and fining the actual offenders.

the mayor,who with his scary wife,who thinks the proper way to govern and conduct himself is to wear silly costumes and decorate gracie mansion,is a big fat pussy and he is ordering this harassment of working people,shockingly against a dentist and a block association(!!,why would they be part of the scourge?).2017 cannot come fast enough,unless there is mass exodus before then

Anonymous said...

Dear Leader does not need to respond to the questions of his subjects.