Thursday, October 23, 2014

The supersizing of Astoria won't end any time soon

From Crains:

Another major residential development is now likely to join two other huge apartment projects in Astoria, Queens, that builders want to construct along the neighborhood’s suddenly booming waterfront.

Shibber Khan, the real estate investor and developer who operates the firm Criterion Group, has scooped up 11-12 30th Drive, a parcel that stretches from Vernon Boulevard along the Astoria waterfront to 12th Street. The property can accommodate residential buildings of up to 10 stories, and totaling 460,000 square feet, if a component of affordable housing is included.

Mr. Khan paid about $57 million for the land, which is now home to a sprawling low-rise warehouse occupied by wholesale grocer Bohea Associates. The deal follows a couple of others recently nearby.


Welcome to Elmhurst West said...

The people in Astoria remain as stupid as that line up they elected.

When the 'down zoning' frenzy was going on a few years back (remember standing on the step of City Hall with that stupid 'Astoria Saved' sign?) they were reminded that the waterfront strip was not included.

You got a shrug and a blank look.

See, now we have 500 new units here, and 2500 there and 1000 over there and no overall game plan on infra-structure.

Welcome to Elmhurst West.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1 - That's cute, you still believe residents have any say in any of this. Do you honestly believe anyone outside a few seriously stupid people believed that banner?

The only transit enhancement people talk about for astoria is one that is actually against it: sending the N to LGA. Hey I know, instead of building a new subway route or providing better bus service, let's add riders to a line that is standing room only when the train leaves ditmars (which isn't the highest ridership stop on the line).

As for this "development" - during the previous 2 hurricanes vernon blvd was under water right at this spot. "Luxury" housing that will be under water in a few decades with global warming. Such a smart investment.

Chester the Dog said...

Forgotten New York says:
30th Road between Vernon Boulevard and 12th Street. Somewhere on the block, there had been a NYS historical marker…

Major General Ebenezer Stevens Home east of here. Born 1752; took part in Boston Tea Party; major of artillery in the Revolutionary War.
Ebenezer Stevens (1751-1823) was a participant in what became known as the Boston Tea Party. A member of the Sons of Liberty, he began his career in Paddock’s Artillery Company along the likes of Paul Revere and Thomas Crafts. Together with other members of the company, and under the leadership of Jabez Hatch, he participated in the Boston Tea Party. His later recollections to his family debunked the myth that the participants had dressed up as Native Americans…
Although it is stated in several sources that Stevens was a major general in the United States Army, there is no official documentation to support this notion. He was, however, a major general in the New York state militia after the Revolution and moblized militiamen to defend New York City in case of British attack in September 1814. He lived as a merchant in New York City.