Saturday, September 28, 2013

Water & bugs & mold - oh my!

From CBS New York:

Some residents at a Queens apartment building say they’ve been complaining to their landlord for months about water, bugs and mold.

Their landlord? It’s the city.

Erycka de Jesus showed CBS 2′s Dave Carlin her flooded second-floor apartment at the Ravenswood Houses in Astoria. She has moved her four children to her bother’s house an hour away because she fears for their health at her home, which has attracted insects and mold because of standing water.

“My asthmatic son definitely cannot stay in this environment,” de Jesus said.

She said a crew with the New York City Housing Authority, which manages the property, patched the wall in a way that did no good. De Jesus is now taking NYCHA to court.

She also contacted City Councilman Jimmy Van Bramer (D-Queens), who had some choice worlds for the Housing Authority.

“When there are situations like this calling for immediate response, there is no excuse,” Van Bramer told Carlin.

CBS 2 repeatedly pressed NYCHA for an explanation, but the agency said only that it was “looking into it.”


Anonymous said...

Well, Jimmy, if you are giving tax breaks to developers, spending all the community's resources to make more room (where there isn't any) for all those thousands that you and your buddy Chrissy Quinn that you wanted to foist on us for another 8 years (we will not forget that stunt sonny) maybe there would be funds for Ravenswood.

You guys on council are always great in deflecting blame from yourselves and finding a place anywhere else to blame.

Jerry Rotondi said...

Yes, Van Bramer does appear to be in the pocket of the real estate industry.

Jimmy is on record for taking money from the Wolcoff family who owns the 5 Pointz site.

Our repeated 311 complaints to the Department of Health--and a few calls to "councilman jimmy" about the rodent infestation there--brought no results.

It took legal notification to the DOI to address this most serious problem.

Thanks for nothing, Jimmy. The inspector general did your job for you, before you finally wrote DOH a letter.

Unfortunately, we've still got a few two legged political rats to deal with in the district.

Maybe Joe Conley can be flushed out of his hiding place.

Anonymous said...

Van Bamer and his developer buddies would be happy to just remove all the housing projects on the East River.

Ethnic cleansing and community displacement is going on just across from the UN south in LIC.

Anonymous said...

Community displacement in south LIC? Hardly. More like the creation of a community.

I would also like to remove all the housing projects on the East River. Then at least my tax dollars won't go to some skel complaning about their moldy bathtub that they haven't cleaned in 15 years whilst paying $100/mo in rent.

Anonymous said...

Damn!! 4 kids in a two bedroom apartment!! I feel for you but please no more babies for you Mrs. Dejesus!! NYCHA should fix up this apartment building and stop being so damn lazy!!