Saturday, September 21, 2013

Busted running the numbers

From the Daily News:

Investigators have busted several members of a Queens family for allegedly operating a $1 million-a-year gambling ring.

Saul Montalvo, 44, his sister Veronica Montalvo, 40, and his son, Daniel Montalvo, 26, were indicted on Thursday following a six-month investigation by the NYPD and the Queens District Attorney's Office.

DA Richard Brown said the clan ran "a family operated gambling ring" that took in over $3000 in bets a day from Queens, Brooklyn and Nassau County.

The trio and three others "ran an old-fashioned numbers racket complete with betting parlors, wire rooms and runners and collectors," Brown said.

Their operation was uncovered by narcotics cops who came upon the family's converted wire room in East New York during a drug investigation.


Capitán Renault said...

Acorrala a los sospechosos habituales!!!

Anonymous said...

Is this guy Brown running for office again. His PR people seem to be working overtime this week!

Anonymous said...

Figures, most crimes in queens get swept under the rug. Queens is full of crime, but yet it is swept under the rug to keep up the value of the neighborhoods!!