Friday, September 20, 2013

LIC's DOH building infested with bedbugs

From the Daily News:

New York City Department of Health employees are biting mad about a bed bug infestation at the department's Long Island City office building.

After frantic reports of sightings over the past several weeks, higher-ups notified employees in an email late Tuesday night that live bug colonies had been found on the tower's 11th floor.

"Although in the past we have found individual bed bugs, we have for the first time in the past week found a group of bed bugs living in one area of the 11th floor of the building," the message read.

It was the first official acknowledgement to staff of the scourge, which has been going on for "several weeks" and includes bug sightings on at least three floors, sources complained.


Anonymous said...

The DOH should be formally reprimanded by our shithead mayor for allowing this to a)happen in the first place and b)get out to the media.

What an embarrassment - or maybe not as the quality of NYC employees is so abysmal these days - just a bunch of slackers looking for a lifetime paycheck with overly generous benefits.

Are they really so incompetent that the problem can't (or won't) just be resolved without a media outcry?

Is the implication that city emps are bringing the bedbugs in from their homes? Gross!!!

Anonymous said...

oh the irony