Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Remembering the fallen of 9/11


Judge Garaufis and the Vulcans said...

Outrageous! Of the 343, only 13 black faces!! Less than 4% of the dead!!!

Anonymous said...

Honor our fallen heros. Remember and pray for their families today.

Anonymous said...

read "the man who warned America" on FBI co. he was WTC Security boss 1 month prior to attack by islamo-facists, and he is about counter terrorism agent John P.O'neil.
he and his crew were sent to Yemen to investigate the U.S.S. Cole attack, which killed 17 and wounded 37 sailoers. but the U.S. ambassador had him sent back ,because he armed his crew well.
the yemen bombing turned out to be the same terrorist who arranged the wtc bombing.

read his letter to his grandson.

Anonymous said...

Garaufis was appointed to the court by W.J.BUBBA Clinton.

Anonymous said...

There is no such animal as an "islamo-facist" [sic]. The attack was instigated by islamist terrorists. Fascism has nothing to do with this.

Anonymous said...

the islamo-facists are from the same ilk who supprted the Nazi A. Hitler WWll murderers. NAZI equals National democrat socialist party.

btw...the Norwegians just voted out the left-wing socialist communist party from gov. the new PM is center -right.

they had enough of high taxes and middle east sharia immigrants sharing their wealth.and the lack of security for their families.

Anonymous said...

ditto...the Australian voters had enough of their socialist/leftist government also.

will the highly taxed and regulated New Yorkers vote for family safety in 2013-2014 ?

will the M.S.M. brainwash them again ?