Sunday, September 29, 2013

Replacing the Rockaway boardwalk a huge undertaking

From the NY Times:

Replacing it will be hugely expensive, with a tentative price tag of $200 million. It will involve 4.7 miles of new decking and about 50,000 linear feet of railing. And though work could start by the end of the year, the Boardwalk will take years to rebuild; just how many is unclear.

What is certain, however, is that it will not be made of wood. Soon after the hurricane, Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg said that the storm had laid to rest the debate over wood versus concrete as the preferred material for boardwalks. He pointed to the few concrete sections that had come through in relatively good shape.

The Army Corps of Engineers, which pumped nearly 600,000 cubic yards of sand onto the beach this summer, will eventually build whatever storm protections are chosen, but that will not happen for years, given the Corps’ lengthy technical and economic reviews. The Corps plans to share draft alternatives for the Rockaways with the public early next year, said Chris Gardner, a spokesman for the agency.

In the meantime, parks officials and engineers reassured the residents that the Boardwalk would be rebuilt to withstand future monster storms.

Not only will it be raised along its entire length, but the decking will be securely fastened to concrete pilings. The old Boardwalk had simply rested on the pilings, making it vulnerable to the storm surge.


Anonymous said...

It took eight years, possibly, to put in two toilets in Little Bay park, go figure!

Old Time Religion said...

Oh wow, we have figured out how to defeat the power of nature.

Bloomberg stretchith out his hand and the waters were made calm.


Anonymous said...

Rockaway residents should not rely on the Bloomberg Administration. This is the administration that has made hundreds of thousands of people homeless, put average New Yorkers out of work. And Bloomberg has made many neighborhoods very dangerous places.

What does our mayor care? At our expense he has an armed secu
rity detail protecting him.

Bloomberg wanted the people of Rockaway to drown or burn during Hurricane Sandy. He has lied again and again. His administration continues to spew out untruths and not factual information. They simply don't care, they will be on the unemployment line come January 2014.

During the hurricane, the wooden boardwalk battered homes and stores. The concrete boardwalk would do the same and worse.

Millions were spent on the lifeguard stations and bathrooms. NYC was refunded by FEMA. Use that money to put back the boardwalk.
Millions were spent on Media campaigns. too. where did all the Hurricane Money go? It has not been spent on the Rockaway Boardwalk.

Shame on Michael Bloomberg.

You will go down in history as the man who tried to destroy Rockawsy Beach.