Thursday, September 26, 2013

How to spot an illegal cab

From WPIX:

Fernando Mateo President Of The New York State Federation of Taxi Drivers describes the so-called “epidemic” of the more than 10,000 illegal livery cabs navigating city streets as “unsafe and it’s unacceptable.”

At a Tuesday afternoon news conference in Flatbush, he asked one simple question to the TLC Chairman, “David Yassky why are you not doing your job? That is our question.”

Mateo along with Tony Herbert, President of the National Action Network Brooklyn East Chapter says that on the same week that legal yellow-cab drivers are being targeted in the city, the TLC should additionally zero in on the illegal cabs and their drivers for the safety of the general public. “Protect our rider. Protect the passengers who just want to get home safely,” said Herbert from sidewalk news conference.

The fake livery cars are easy to spot because they sport plates from nearby states where insurance is much cheaper. Another tell tale sign? Their drivers tend to walk away when a PIX 11 news camera is focused on them.


georgetheatheist said...

Oh please, give me a break. NYC laws are not to be taken seriously. They are just rough guidelines.

Anonymous said...

Yassky is doing a fine job. Not.

Anonymous said...

Crack down on out-of-state plates. Crack down on out-of-state plates. Crack down on out-of-state plates.

This is really out of control: we see step-vans with local business addresses and PA plates - we see entire blocks with nothing but North Carolina plates, day in, day out. We keep hearing there's nothing that can be donw. Really? How do they enforce the "primary residence" rules for rent control? The same mechanisms should apply.

Joe said...

In Queens you need to use Livery (or call a private service and wait 40 minutes)
All the yellow cabs say they are going to the airport or Manhattan and wont take you. They all drive in Queens with there "out of service" lights on.

Try hailing a yellow cab at Fresh Pond, any stop in Queens especially 7, M, F and Woodside LIRR stations
---aint happening !