Saturday, September 21, 2013

Bringing a junkyard INTO the park

From the DNA Info:

A drive-in movie theater using junked-up cars and salvaged materials is rolling into the borough next month as part of an art installation designed to engage the public in discussions about car culture and "planned obsolescence."

The Empire Drive-In is a large, temporary installation that uses junked cars and salvaged materials to bring their drive-in movie exhibit around the country.

It will set up outside the New York Hall of Science in Flushing Meadows-Corona Park from Oct. 4 to Oct. 20, and visitors can participate in discussions and watch films in old cars.

Okay, so the junkyards across the street are an eyesore and need to be replaced, but the museum brings junk cars into the park and that's an art project?


Joe said...

Don't knock it I'm working on this (I also worked on the Rocket restoration).
Is going to be like the beach in Coney Island.
Many of the cars are insurence numbers from Sandy that were stored in Calverton they are quite nice just cant be re-sold.
A local 100 milliwatt transmitter sends the audio to the cars radio
I only wish some 60s Impalas and Caddys with this big front & back seats were around.

Anonymous said...

This does sound potentially interesting and fun.

I'm planning to go - maybe even in my pajamas.

Joe Moretti said...

Well hell if that is the case, then Jamaica has "art installations" all over the place.

So come on out, admission is free.

Anonymous said...

I'm going too and plan to wear my straight jacket. Everybody should go, bring your spray paint! Wheeeee

Manhattan Hedge Fund Stud said...

I might "plug my nose" and have my driver take me to Queens to check this out.

I enjoy the "vibrancy" in Queens, but I'd still rather live in Manhattan.

Maybe I'll go to some hole-in-the-wall ethnic restaurant that I read about in the NY Times before heading back to Manhattan.

Hedge Fund Stud (HFS)

Ned said...

Could never set that up in Jamaica Joe's hood the local animals would steal the equipment.
Girlfriend and I are going, we are gonna wear bunny rabbit pajamas!!!
There may be some live music, popcorn & candy apples too.

Corona park is perfect, people from the East or West can take the LIRR or John Rocker express to 111th street/Shea stadium.

Anonymous said...

I want my 560 V8 back!