Friday, September 13, 2013

Maspeth step street is an eyesore once again

"Nothing has changed, it's worse then ever. This is city property, why can't they do something that lasts?

Garbage, graffiti, tree limbs, weeds, rats, drinking by kids, smoking weed, selling drugs all in the middle of a nice neighborhood. It's a disgrace.

Why doesn't the Parks Dept. take it over and fix it up like they did with the Triangles?

What is going on with this property that is next to the Maspeth Step Street? It has been a terrible eyesore for six years. No work has been done in years. It is a danger as well since the gate is broken and any one can access the property. It is filled with weeds, garbage, mattress someone has thrown there. The city street lamps are on this property and are not lit at night making the Step Street a dangerous place." - anonymous


Anonymous said...

This is a forgotten alley which will be allowed to deteriorate over and over again.
This spot offers a convenient hideout where vandals and drunks can hang out.
Maybe video cameras should be installed.

Anonymous said...

Not important as all the pols care about gays, illegals, and welfare state.

This is quality of life - so boring and frankly a little beyond their interest and understanding.

The problem is that there are no adults running Queens and stupid doormmats that mindlessly thoughtlessly reelect them.

Hate to say this but if the rest of the country was like Queens our democracy would be in real trouble.

This boro needs a reboot.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately the city has spoken with this past primary. Quality of life problems like this are not a priority. The city will begin its slide back to the 1990's. The only thing that is important is handcuffing the police so that crime returns to then 1990's level, and that we jam as many people into crapbox illegal apartments as we can.

Anonymous said...

i live on the block right by the stairs , this is a disgrace the sanitation dept is responsible for the upkeep of this city property and nothing ever gets done until the local residents make the calls to local politicians, the worst part is that the sanitation garage is 3 blocks away. while i am talking about the sanitation garage does anybody else thinks it a disgrace that the city has 3 garages in maspeth every street sorrounding the garages there are illegal signs on every street pole and nobody does anything there must be at least 300 dsny employees passing it every day and they do nothing talk about being lazy

Anonymous said...

My friend, Queens looks like crap while Bloomberg was in office as Astoria started to crapify under the Vallones so you are lucky that both are out of running things.

This is a chance at a new start. And the first step is to get people involved.

Anonymous said...

This is Liz Crowley's district.

Remember her? She challenged Grace Meng for the dem congressional nomination last year and was punished by Christine Quinn for this transgression against the Queens democratic parry led by her cousin Virginny Joe Crowley.

She was punished so severely that no one was allowed to challenge her in the city council primary this election cycle.

Unfortunately it looks like Maspeth and the immediate surrounds will be stuck with this twit for another four years unless Craig Caruana the republican candidate can pull off a miracle on the order of the loaves and fishes.

Anonymous said...

this is in van bramers district

Queens Crapper said...

Not since redistricting.

Anonymous said...

You keep electing them non-stop! And all democrats, a one party city.

Anonymous said...

Expect graffiti to increase everywhere. The citywide vandals task force is down to 15 cops from a high of 66. .........quality of life,ha.

Anonymous said...

Go to the next Community Board meeting and raise holy hell about this, embarrass the elected officials present. Bring plenty of pictures. The story will be in every local rag, and maybe something will get done. Hold Lizzy's feet to the fire. Melinda will probably start sending her goons to the meetings, let them answer to this, too, and see if she is able to get anything accomplished. Unfortunately, these two hens have a dismal record on getting anything accomplished.

Anonymous said...

Nothing will happen till the Mayor and all his goons are out.
Bloomberg hates all them Maspeth “Old subversive disobedient pricks”
This is and that St.Saviors dog & pony show fiasco one of his punishments. And more is possible before Dec 31

Anonymous said...

This neighborhood has become such a dump. The highway service roads and gardens are full of trash and there's a homeless guy who set up camp by 55th Drive L>I>E> too. Maurice Park is full of drunks and smokers! Can't even enjoy it with the kids. The baseball players barbeque, everyone brings their dogs, condoms and diapers and thrown in this park. So disgusting! Who wants to live here??