Friday, September 20, 2013

Promised seawall not part of the plans in Rockaway

From DNA Info:

Newly released plans for the rebuilt Rockaway Beach boardwalk do not include a protective seawall and have no timetable for completion, angering residents of the Hurricane Sandy-damaged peninsula who say they're being left vulnerable to future storms.

The plans for the boardwalk reconstruction, which is slated to begin by the end of the year and estimated to cost $200 million, were discussed Tuesday night at a community board meeting in Rockaway Beach. It included a presentation from the designers of the new boardwalk, CH2M Hill.

Though the plans are still being finalized, a seawall wasn't included in the preliminary design, according to Deputy Parks Commissioner Liam Kavanagh.


Anonymous said...

they are lying!! the boardwalk could have been restored months ago. everyone is making money except people who live in Rockaway.

Anonymous said...

One comment! Hell, we don't care about no stinking hurricane!