Saturday, September 28, 2013

Richmond Hill Republican Club to become catering hall

From the Queens Chronicle:

The Richmond Hill Republican Club at 86-15 Lefferts Blvd. hasn’t hosted the political party in two decades, but the vacant building looks to be headed to a future of hosting parties of a different kind.

Ivan Mrakovcic, vice chairman of Community Board 9 and president of the Richmond Hill Historical Society, said a group called Siberian Ice, LLC bought the property several years ago and is planning on reopening the building as a catering hall. Their plans for the building will be presented to CB 9 at its Oct. 8 meeting and the board’s executive committee got a sneak peek at the plans Tuesday night during a meeting at Borough Hall. The presentation is required because the owners are opting to file for a special permit under Section 74-711 of the city’s zoning regulations that allows the catering hall to operate at the site that includes the landmarked facade.

CB 9 Chairman Jim Cocovillo said the board was pleased with the plans for the building.


Anonymous said...

The is a landmarked property. And don't forget it!

Anonymous said...

Next is the closure within a year and the inevitable fire in the vacant building and the issue of the Republican Club is solved.

And within in two or three years we will send a Rufus King/CB1 Gerry Caliendo confection on the site.

Its called URSC (er-se) - "Urban Renewal by Supper Club."

joe in Richmond Hill said...

The proposed catering hall and the still vacant next door mall, I have just one word you need to know, Benjamine, for the future, ......Parking. Parking.

Anonymous said...

The vacant strip mall next door was designed by Gerald Caliendo, member of the prestigious American Institute of Architects. If I designed a structure like it, I'd get an F from my architecture professor.

Anonymous said...

Well. at least it will be catering to average people...probably for the first time in it's history.

Anonymous said...

Wilfred Dalton gave up politics after a lobbyist named Fran Werner took over the party, but he had an incredible covenant in the deed. Please publish that to educate our lawyer.