Saturday, September 21, 2013

Rich people donate to something in Queens!

From Crains:

Donald and Shelley Rubin continued their generous support of arts organizations in the outer boroughs by pledging to donate $300,000 to Socrates Sculpture Park in Long Island City, Queens. It is the largest gift the nonprofit has ever received for programming and the second largest in its 27-year history. The announcement was made at the park's gala on Thursday night.

"This gift is going help get us to the next level," said John Hatfield, executive director of the 4.7-acre waterfront park.

The money, which will be distributed over three years, comes several months after the couple donated $500,000 to The Queens Museum and $500,000 to the Bronx Museum of the Arts. Their support of the arts isn't limited to the outer boroughs, however. The couple founded the Rubin Museum of Art in Manhattan, which opened in 2004 and specializes in art from the Himalayas.


Anonymous said...


Replaces the damage from Sandy.... until the next storm.

Waiting to hear from Noguchi on the full extent of their damage - and our taxes used to pay for it.

Anonymous said...

Hello Donald and Shelley Rubin,

It's unlikely you read Queens Crap but if you do, thank you!

It's nice to hear that the arts in Queens do have admirers and private supporters.

Although a lot of complaining goes on here (and let's face it, a lot of the griping is definitely warranted), Queens is still where I choose to live and it's great to hear about something good for a change.

Thanks again! Your generosity is appreciated by me and many others.

Joe Moretti said...

I am all for supporting the arts, but shouldn't we bring our quality of life issues up a few notches with money like this and THEN fund the arts.

Example: millions of dollars funded to the Jamaica Queens Library on Merrick Blvd and 89th Avenue, while the entire surrounding area is run-down and looks like shit.

Anonymous said...

The Jamaica Library, like Rufus King (Jerry Caliando) and Socrates (Suna) are "influenced" by developers.

Your worth in Queens is determined by one yardstick: funds for development in exchange for campaign donations.

That's it.

Anonymous said...

taxes should not pay for art, it should pay for obamacare!

Anonymous said...

How about buying the "5 Pointz Aerosol Art Center" building, so it can continue as the cutting edge, vibrant, world class art institution that it is recognized as today?

But, of course, it's more prudent to give money to dull, mediocre establishments that feature second and third rate art like Socrates and the Queens Museum. YAWN!

Please note that Jimmy Van Bramer has sold out "5 Pointz" for Wolkoff money!

It's funny that last year councilman "Jimmy" thought that "5 Pointz" was great. After he's taken bribes or (if you prefer, campaign donations) from the Wolkoff family, he's in favor of their plans.

Anonymous said...

Calliando running Rufus King?

All that wasted empty park land that needs SOMETHING useful on it.

And in Astoria they tear down old houses telling people that the market wants new things.

How in the hell is someone like that running a place like that?

Its a bit like the Library Board of Developers.