Friday, September 13, 2013

Tennis fees cause drop in permits

From A Walk in the Park:

As expected the Bloomberg Administration's dramatic fee increases implemented last year saw a precipitous drop in tennis permit purchases and memberships to recreation centers while projected revenue increases fell far below expectations.

Tennis permits declined 43 percent, single-play permits fell 46 percent and revenue fell $1.3 million short of the projected increase. The number of recreation center memberships sold in 2012 declined by 52 percent with the doubling of membership fees for adults and seniors while revenue came in about $4.0 million below the Bloomberg Administration’s expectations.

"The failure to achieve the expected revenue gains was the result of a greater-than-projected fall-off in the number of permits sold for tennis and memberships for recreation centers following the price rise," according to the City Independent Budget Office.


Anonymous said...

It's really a combination of things...1) you can't get the permits where you want to play the tennis which is a bad business practice for NYers with little free time who would want the single play permits and 2) the season price was too much for struggling NYers for a leisure activity they were unsure they would fully utilize

Anonymous said...

Sounds good. The market has spoken. Now, the prices will come down.

Anonymous said...

The is the government - when revenue is DOWN, government fees go UP to cover the shortfall.

Bronx Boy said...

Screw tennis! It's a wimp's game!

Join me in a down home game of stickball...sewer to sewer...bases loaded!

Let's take over the streets!
Bring your own "Spaldine" (a "Spalding Co."rubber ball)!

georgetheatheist said...

Bronx Boy. Sign me up. Tennis is for wussies.

Anonymous said...

I think the point is that this is a backdoor way to privatize a public park.

Anonymous said...

During the depression a man was selling apples for $20,000 apiece. When told he wouldn't sell many applea at that price, he said "I only have to sell one".

This fee increase is typical of the statist mind.

Anonymous said...

What about Pennsy Pinkies?

Anonymous said...

Sounds good. The market has spoken. Now, the prices will come down.

Government pricing does not follow the laws of supply and demand.

Take water, for example.

"Hey, water is precious! save and reduce consumption while saving money!... Hey, people are using less water, we need to raise your bill to cover our costs!"

Anonymous said...

Try running, walking or bike riding, its cheaper and better for you!

Anonymous said...

People actually pay $$ to drive to that vagrent & feces infested shithole to hit balls with paddles ?