Thursday, September 26, 2013

Catch basins clogged up

From NY1:

Rockaway residents who live on Shorefront Parkway, located just feet from the ocean, are concerned there are too many catch basins or storm drains covered in weeds and packed with dirt.

"We're already compromised in terms of being on the waterfront, so I can't imagine the water has a place to go," said Marie Raico, a concerned resident.

Longtime Rockaway resident Dan Brown says after taking his own inventory of the clogged catch basins, he was startled at what he found.

"There were some that were unrecognizable, I had to dig to find them," he said.

Some residents say it didn't take Hurricane Sandy to overwhelm the drains. They say average rainstorms can mean flooding.

"What happens is the water goes down and goes into that stairwell. Down there we have all of our electric. We have boilers, we have hot our water tanks," said Ray Watson, a concerned resident.

Residents say they have called 311 but feel like they're just getting the run around.


Anonymous said...

One year later...what a damn shame.

Anonymous said...

Take 2 minutes and clean it out!

Everyone home owner and business should be responsible for them.

Can't anyone lift a finger anymore. We see them clogged everywhere in Flushing!

Anonymous said...

People complain way too much. Take 2 minutes and clean the drain yourselves.

I clean the one in front of my house whenever I see it blocked.

Anonymous said...

The catch basins have at least 18 feet worth of sand/ dirt. Thats how deep they are. Only DEP can clean them out with special machinery.