Thursday, September 19, 2013

5 Pointz unveils 9/11 mural, is inundated by sewage

"Ladder 115 of LIC was checking out a call the other day at 5 Pointz. It turned out to be nothing but the curator Meres invited the firefighters to check out the new 12th anniversary 9-11 mural dedicated to their company and Engine 258 and take a few photos in front of it. I got some shots of that and put them together in this video." - George

"The Local Project art venue had to cancel a major event this past weekend. We need to cease operation at 45-10 Davis St.

We had to cancel an event, because we respect all of our guests and artists. Saturday September 14, 2013, the conditions were not what art deserves. The “Dust Art Collective” event has been canceled due to a flood of sewage water at our gallery located at the 5Pointz building in Long Island City, Queens. Dust turned to mud! A fetid mud!

The building is falling apart. The plan for building a pair of luxury towers at the Court Square 5Pointz location has taken the attention of the building owner who is not doing maintenance to the facility. An eviction notice is displacing us from our headquarters, where we have provided free art programming for 5 years. Regardless of this condition that could sound a death knell for our operations, we have found a new space in the same neighborhood where we started our organization 10 years ago.

The issue is, the economic development plans in Long Island City are skyrocketing real estate prices, and rent is becoming even more expensive.
In fact we seen many of our fellow community members move away, with the gentrification of the community that developed the neighborhood spirit. We ask for a moment of remembrance, as the artists in this NYC community need a space to become economically strong and/or claim a necessary place to innovate in world culture with artistic expressions." - Normandeau Newswire


georgetheatheist said...

Move the operation to where-it's at and what's happening Jamaica.

Anonymous said...

Move it to the Upper East Side and let them deal with the graffiti that ruined Queens.

Anonymous said...

No problem.

Stonewall Van Bramer just gave the Chocolate Factory millions of your taxes to buy property so they could.... welllll .... not sure about that but I BET it has something ... in some way ... to attract more development.

Message to Jimmy: Chris Quinn is not going to be the next mayor.

Get a clue sonny.

Anonymous said...

"Stonewall" Van Bramer ALSO TOOK MONEY from the Wolkoff family, who owns the 5 Pointz site.

Please note that councilman "Jimmy" will be voting on the granting of a variance for the Wolcoffs, to build two 40 story plus high rise buildings here.

Does anyone spot a conflict of interest?

This situation stinks worse than the recent backed up sewage!

Graffiti didn't "ruin" Queens. It's knuckle head like you, who offer nothing to our borough except constant complaining.

If you have a brain left you'd soon realize that it's arrogant self serving politicians who have driven Queens into the ground.

You sound like a lazy malcontent to me, gramps!
Step off your rocking chair and experience a real life. Perhaps you've lived too long in a state of ignorance and isolation.

Gramps said...

But is it "art"? Seems like pretentious doodling.

Joe Moretti said...

That's right George The Atheist.

Tell them. We here in Jamaica will be glad to take 5 Points san the sewage.

Anonymous said...

I hate that building because I hate graffiti. Please tear it down. thank you

Anonymous said...

Rattle can vandalism is art ??
The need to tear that eyesore down.
Send these idiots to the abandoned tunnels under Riverside park there are miles of walls

Anonymous said...

I hate that building because I hate graffiti. Please tear it down. thank you.
Remember your words the next time your block's snow is not cleared because DOT doesn't have the equipment they need because Stonewall Van Bramer decided the building owners needed a tax break.

An by all means remember your words as you miss a train because too many 40+ story towers mean 4000+ tenants.