Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Was it worth it?

From the Wall Street Journal:

New York City's fight to shield emails about the appointment of former schools Chancellor Cathie Black cost taxpayers about $160,000 in legal fees.

The city agreed Friday to reimburse a former Village Voice intern's lawyers about $134,500 in legal fees, on top of at least $25,000 the city spent internally defending the case. The agreement was dated Wednesday and publicly released Friday.

Sergio Hernandez, now an editor at the Week magazine, had requested emails between the Bloomberg administration and Ms. Black in the lead-up to her nomination in November 2010 as chancellor. The city denied the request and Mr. Hernandez sued.


Jon Torodash said...

"Worth it" to whom, QC?

Anonymous said...

What is it that were so desperately trying to hide and who ordered the subterfuge?

Anonymous said...

Im unbelievably happy, after reading/following this blog for years, that I don't pay taxes.

Anonymous said...

so did the nyc school children do better or worse in E.L.A. and Math/science under (Prog.) Wolcott's leadership

documents say NO.

which chancellor did increase their graduation and scholastic numbers ?

is it a fantasy to expect success ?

Anonymous said...

She looks like Macaulay Culkin.

Anonymous said...

So Cathy Black put NYC in the red?
She looks like one mean fuhrer to me!

Waddaya expect from Reich's Chancellor Bloomberg?
He put her in!

I wonder what the amount on the final bill for Mayor Mike's many follies (like those dangerous bike lanes) will cost us taxpayers?