Monday, September 9, 2013

Have fun in the voting booth tomorrow!

This was the Vetter house in Richmond Hill. Its last use was as the Simonson Funeral Home.
The Richmond Hill Historical Society stored its collections there prior to 2007.
Despite preservationist efforts, the house was torn down in 2007.
In its place, a Gerald Caliendo special. Mr. Caliendo sits on Community Board 1 thanks to Peter Vallone, who received $12,275 in campaign contributions from him. And this building, as well as the rest of Victorian Richmond Hill, was denied landmark status during the tenure of Melinda Katz as Chair of Land Use of the City Council.

Remember, the 2 main functions of the borough president are community board appointments and land use.


Jerry Rotondi said...

Land use? Please don't get me started.

It seems like the chief function of the office of the borough president in crooked Queensland, has been to promote wholesale land ABUSE!

Unless you want more sell-outs of your quality of life to the building industry, DO NOT vote in Vallone for beep! He'll run a fire sale!

Don't vote for your nabe to become another Katz litter box either!

H-m-m-m--what a puzzlement.
Then, who shall I vote for, now that Avella has opted out?

Buckle up. The future doesn't look very rosy, folks.

Maybe I should pull for Katz, in spite of her being a bed mate of the over-developers?

Let's look at it this way. She could wind up as strictly a one termer. Then we just bide our time until the next election--hoping that a better candidate will emerge.

On the flip side of the coin--once "junior" Pete gets his foot in the door, he'll never want to leave borough hall! You'll wind up with Emperor Pietro!

I think I'll pour myself a single malt before I go to bed tonight, and sleep on how to cast my vote tomorrow.

Good day and good luck!
BE SURE TO GET OUT THERE AND VOTE, in spite of the existing grim situation.

Anonymous said...

That is really sad... What a beautiful old house.

Joe Moretti said...

It seems like the purpose of the Borough President is to do what the powers to be tell that person.

Sure, tear down a beautiful historic home to put up a shitty ugly little mall. GOOD JOB ASSHOLES!

Anonymous said...

This is because the Queens electorate act like doormats around the pols.

The entire boro needs a reboot.

Anonymous said...

Vallone & Vallone ready to sell out your neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

The movement should be to abolish the offices of boro prez and community boards, both of which waste tax money and neither of which serve the community. The onus for these responsibilities should rest directly on the shoulders of the elected councilperson. Good work on this one crappy.

Anonymous said...

And no matter who wins, Queens loses. You can always vote Republican in the general election.

Anonymous said...

Vallone has an entire apparatus honed in the neglected corner of Queens we call Vallonia. They stand ready for a blitzkreig across Queens.

Katz has the tired hangers on in borogh hall.

You could easily tie up her administration for a term as you cast about and build up a real representative to sit in that chair in borough hall.

Katz is the lesser of the two weevils.

Anonymous said...

yo, joey from ditmas he-ra.

whocha bitchin about? petie and paulie are good boys - big supoortas of the ce-ment industy.

hell tha new buidin a gotta dome. kinda look nice, ya know what i mean?

hey, ya see a guide to reconzin yr saints?

Anonymous said...

No, but we saw Queens Logic.

Anonymous said...

"It seems like the purpose of the Borough President is to do what the powers to be tell that person."

Remember, Katz is the county pick, not Peter Vallone.

Anonymous said...

They would tear down the Taj Mahal to put up a mall if it were up to them....

Anonymous said...

Where's the "plaza"?

Anonymous said...

The mall is silly looking and empty an physically attached to the landmarked Richmond Hill Republican Club, also empty.

A Better NYC said...

There's been a "Coming Soon"
Dunkin Donuts sign up for about 2 years.

Still waiting...

William M. Tweed said...

"Vote early, and vote often!"

Anonymous said...

What a dump! All of the souls that were waked at the former funeral home must be turning over in their graves.

Anonymous said...

As bad as Vallone is for destroying our neighborhoods to overdevelopment, WE HAVEN'T SEEN NOTHIN' YET 'CAUSE