Saturday, September 28, 2013

Out of control sukkahs

"Crapman: Check out my latest blog entry about the sukkahs in Borough Park, Brooklyn. You think the one in Kew Gardens Hills took the cake? You ain't seen nothin' brother. Sidewalk AND Street blockage galore. A harbinger for future Queens mishegoss? Regards, GtheA"

George also reports that the previously reported Kew Gardens sukkah wasn't removed last Wednesday as promised.

As a side note, on Tuesday night, I was westbound on the LIE near the Fairgrounds and saw a "mobile sukkah" on the back of a pickup truck. I'd like to say, "You can't make this stuff up," but someone apparently did! - QC


georgetheatheist said...

These referenced events show a gross violation of the concept of the separation of church and state.

City officials have been legally notified of the infringement on this separation. The Freedom From Religion Foundation based in Madison, Wisconsin has been in the forefront of making NYC municipal officialdom aware of these ongoing sukkah problems since the FALL OF LAST YEAR, 2012. Responding to these notifications, the Bureau of Legal Affairs of the NYC Department of Sanitation stated "The above-mentioned sukkahs were not issued permits authorizing their construction by the City." However, the Sanitation Department, having been legally notified, did nothing about these constructions this year. I wonder why? Do you, Dear Reader, wonder why as well of all that's transpiring here?

Check out this year's FFRF explicative news release of September 12 concerning this situation here.

Nothing was done then and now (and in the future?) and members of the Jewish community violate the law with government-sanctioned ("one eye-closed?") impunity.

Anonymous said...

GREAT SCREAMING FERRETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For these, some of which are obvious traffic hazards and all of which are obvious fire hazards (made of wood, at times blocking points of egress), DON'T call THREE-1-1.

Call NINE-1-1!

Make sure you have the EXACT street addresses and are confident that the structures are still there when you call.

For the ones blocking parts of streets, tell them the structures are blocking traffic lanes and could cause accidents because of lack of sight distance.

For ALL of them, howl about them being fire hazards!

In both cases, describe these structures as DANGEROUS because they ARE!!!!!!

Make sure these structures are still there when you call. Make sure the 911 operator understands that these are a threat to public safety. Give your name.

Tell them the urgency of the situation. Tell them all it would take is for a child to walk around the blind side of one of these things to get hit and killed by a car.

Also, call the news stations. This is completely indefensible!


WHAT. THE. HELL?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

These peole vote, and donate $. That is why it is allowed.

Anonymous said...

Untreated wood is highly flammable. just sayin...

Queens Crapper said...

Yes, it is. A carelessly discarded cigarette could be deadly for the occupants of these structures. I guess that's when the city will take action.

Anonymous said...

I thought is was a hobo shelter.

Moish said...

I'm a Jew and I will sue!
if you take my sukkah down I'll scream ANTI SEMITISM!

Joe Moretti said...

Just more and more shit to affect the quality of life in NYC (well not certain parts of Manhattan).

Does anyone really even give a fuck about this city anymore?

Anonymous said...

Moish said...
I'm a Jew and I will sue!
if you take my sukkah down I'll scream ANTI SEMITISM!

So long, sukkah!

Anonymous said...

Moish -

Of course you are and will. Nice try.

Anonymous said...

Call the 112 Precinct and voice your concerns directly to the desk sergeant. Ms. Chain tells me that the monthly community council meeting is the perfect venue to complain about such eyesores and other blight to the community.

Anonymous said...

These things are WAAAAAAAYYYYY more than eyesores.

They are public safety hazards. They are practically the definition of public safety hazards.

One of these wooden things on the sidewalk could catch fire, the fire could easily spread to an adjacent building and people inside could get injured or killed.

One of these things blocking the sidewalk (or in some instances, the street) could cause a pedestrian to get hit by a car or truck and get injured or killed.

BLOODY HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

THEY'RE NOT *JUST* EYESORES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

GEORGE...I heard you talking about the sukkahs, Queens Crap, and Crappy on The Right Perspective Radio Program podcast! Well said! Good feet to pavement to blog to radio work!

Anonymous said...

I wonder if the atheist made a 311 entry for every sukkah in Borough Park. The 311 service request map must be full of dots thanks to him.

Anonymous said...

Why don't you go after all the houses who have open fire hazard olive oil lamps for religious purposes, including the Greeks and the Jews.

Anonymous said...

Yo, "Gorge the Atelist", for a copyblight to be valid, it gotta have a date

Anonymous said...

Yo, Anon No. 10: Learn how to spell?

Anonymous said...

The Catholic Church no longer has candles that congregants light making prayer offerings. The lights are now electric bulbs "lit" by pushing a button. No more real fire. The procedure is now devoid of mystical meaning.

Anonymous said...

A question here... How many atheists decry public safely and law infractions perpetrated by Muslims for religious purposes in particular, and any purpose in general?
After Christopher Hitchens was found to be an antisemite, the onus should be on every other atheist voicing such complaints to prove they are not singling out Jews.