Saturday, September 14, 2013

Bad sign is gone from Bayside High

From the Queens Chronicle:

It took four years but the unpopular LED electronic display sign at Bayside High School has been taken down.

When it was erected in 2009, residents who live near the school called it an eyesore that beamed into their homes at night and was a potential traffic hazard.

It is estimated the sign cost $37,000 with funds raised by students in 2006. It took three years to get permits and the proper approvals from the city.

One of those complaining was then-Community Board 11 member Ed Braunstein, who is now the area’s assemblyman, and whose parents live near the Corporal Kennedy Street school.

He was elated about the development when contacted by the Queens Chronicle last week. “I did notice it was gone,” Braunstein said. “I’m glad it’s gone.”

The assemblyman said he spoke to the principal, Michael Athy, last winter about the display board and was told the school was trying to sell it. Athy confirmed the offending display is now at another school.

In an email, he said, “It has been moved to another high school where apparently they will not have issues with its installation.”


Anonymous said...

This is not an uncommon problem with LED signs and displays.

In this case it probably was simply a lack of knowledge about the types LED lenses (translucent vs. clear) and the lumen ratings.

Had they chosen the proper type of sources they would have had the same visibility w/out the "beaming".

Anonymous said...

ThIs has been one of the biggest BS complaints I've seen. That sign faced a park and was at least 150 feet away from the front of any house. It was not a traffic hazard, and it did not shine in anyone's windows. What a bunch of whiny nosey bodies with nothing else to do.

Joe from Flush-stone said...

150 feet. It was more like 500 to 600 feet. Something is'nt right about that.